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What Parents Should Know About Football Concussions and North Carolina Law

October 17, 2017   |  
Football season is in full swing.  Recent studies and law suits have raised awareness about the risks of repetitive brain trauma in football but people still love the sport and remain fans. Americans love football.  It’s one of the Nation’s favorite sports and pastimes.  An increasing amount of evidence shows...
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What Trucking Company and Trucker Mistakes Can Lead to Wrecks?

February 1, 2017   |  
A two-vehicle crash in Greensboro involving an SUV and a tractor-trailer truck resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl, according to WRAL-TV. The girl was a passenger in the SUV when it collided with an 18 wheeler while traveling on Interstate 40. Following the collision, the SUV rolled over...
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What Happens If I’m in a Rental Car Accident?

November 9, 2016   |  
At the end of October, Stockdale, NC was the site of a rental car accident involving a collision between a van and an SUV that left 17 people injured, according to WRAL-TV. Reportedly, the injury victims included a one month old and a 90-year-old. Two of the injured had to...
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