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“Can I sue Uber or Lyft if I’m injured in a car accident?”

July 23, 2020   |  
Uber and Lyft are popular rideshare services, especially in North Carolina cities like Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte. These services are convenient, affordable, and help reduce drunk driving, among other benefits. However, Uber accidents sometimes happen and can result in serious injury. In these cases, clients often wonder, “Can I sue...
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“Should I Give the Insurance Company a Recorded Statement?”

July 20, 2020   |  
“Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company?” In the aftermath of an accident, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. You may need to seek medical attention, law enforcement may need to talk with you about the accident, and you will probably be contacted...
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12 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying Your Injury Claim

April 20, 2020   |  
It’s the sad truth: when you’re injured in a car accident, the insurance company will often try to pay as little on your injury claim as possible. The insurance adjuster may deny, delay or drag out your claim. There is a legal saying that is true. Justice delayed is justice...
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How Do We Investigate Insurance Coverage?

August 4, 2017   |  
What is Insurance? Insurance is something you buy to protect against uncertain financial loss or harm. Your insurance covers unforeseen occurrences by helping you pay for bills.  It can also protect you when you are injured by someone else’s negligence.  In that case, the at-fault party’s insurance company pays you...
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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Has Insurance Experience?

July 7, 2017   |  
Filing a successful insurance claim can be difficult, especially if an adjuster suspects that you are not familiar with the industry. A simple mistake or lack of preparation can result in a denial, leaving you with no compensation after an injury. In this video, attorney Sean Cole explains the advantages...
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Getting Help with Homeowner Insurance Claims After Hurricane Matthew

November 15, 2016   |  
Many homes in North Carolina were damaged or destroyed when Hurricane Matthew swept through last month. If you have hurricane damage to your home or need help with a home damage insurance claim, you may be relieved to discover that you could be entitled to money for property damage in...
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