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Are There Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident?

October 18, 2017   |  
Car accidents can cause multiple types of physical and psychological injuries. Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, broken bones or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are possible outcomes after a serious car crash. However, there are also car accident injuries that may not be apparent until hours or even days later....
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What Parents Should Know About Football Concussions and North Carolina Law

October 17, 2017   |  
Football season is in full swing.  Recent studies and law suits have raised awareness about the risks of repetitive brain trauma in football but people still love the sport and remain fans. Americans love football.  It’s one of the Nation’s favorite sports and pastimes.  An increasing amount of evidence shows...
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Who Can Be Liable for a Truck Accident?

October 16, 2017   |  
Semi-trucks are the largest and heaviest vehicles on our roads. A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When large semi-trucks collide into smaller passenger vehicles, the results are always catastrophic. For example, a recent truck accident in Rockingham, North Carolina resulted in two deaths. [su_button background="#13182E" color="#ffffff"...
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Important Tips for Parents During Window Covering Safety Month

October 13, 2017   |  
Statistics published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that more than 330 children have died since 1981 due to strangulation from window blind cords. Another 160 plus have suffered catastrophic injuries. Children can easily become tangled in window blind cords. For this reason, the Window Covering Safety...
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Are Anti-Distracted Driving Apps Available for Android Phones?

October 11, 2017   |  
Last week’s blog discussed a new anti-distracted driving app released with Apple’s iOS 11 update. The Do Not Disturb While Driving feature can automatically lock iPhones while people are driving and send automated replies to text messages. Apps for Android phones can perform similar functions. You can choose from several...
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Can Used Cars Be Sold if They Contain Defects Under Recall?

October 9, 2017   |  
CarMax has been accused of selling used vehicles with unfixed safety recalls. According to a report compiled by the CARS Foundation, the Center for Auto Safety and the MASSPIRG Education Fund, one in four CarMax vehicles could have unrepaired defects. The report analyzed 1,699 vehicles sold at eight CarMax dealerships...
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Does Death Wish Coffee Live Up to Its Name?

October 6, 2017   |  
Death Wish Coffee company has advertised its “Death Wish Coffee” as the strongest in the world. The company claims that one cup of its coffee contains multiple times more caffeine than a regular cup. However, Death Wish Coffee may have unintentionally lived up to its name. According to the company,...
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How Can I Avoid Buying a Flood-Damaged Vehicle?

September 29, 2017   |  
Millions of vehicles across the US have been damaged by flood waters caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. After extensive flooding or extreme weather, it is not uncommon for damaged vehicles to be sold on new or used car lots. Individuals or businesses may use a variety of tricks...
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What Caused the School Bus Accident in Benson?

September 18, 2017   |  
On September 7th, a school bus carrying 24 students crashed on Highway 96 in Benson. According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, the collision occurred because a 78-year-old woman driving a pickup truck failed to stop at a sign. Officials with Johnston County School District said the incident involved Bus 747,...
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