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AFFF Kidney Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know About Firefighting Foam

July 20, 2020   |  
Does AFFF cause kidney cancer? Several alarming studies have linked AFFF (also known as firefighting foam) to cancer. In this blog post, we’ll look closer at the potential link between AFFF and kidney cancer — a serious risk for firefighters (both civilian and military), airport workers, and property owners near...
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Zantac Kidney Cancer: What’s the Risk?

April 27, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause kidney cancer? Recent research indicates that NDMA-contaminated Zantac may cause kidney cancer, and as many as 18 other types. If you’ve taken brand-name Zantac and been diagnosed with kidney cancer (or another type of cancer), you may have a claim for compensation and the experienced Zantac cancer...
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