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How Long Does It Take to Apply for Social Security Disability?

May 31, 2017   |  
During the campaign, President Donald Trump promised to protect Medicaid, Medicare and the Social Security system. However, since taking office, President Trump’s administration has backed the American Health Care Act (also known as Trumpcare), which may threaten to gut Medicare and Medicaid, making life more difficult for elderly and disabled...
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How Did Three 18 Wheelers Crash into Each Other?

May 26, 2017   |  
WTVD-TV reported on an 18-wheeler crash involving three trucks that happened in Orange County near the exit for a weigh station. North Carolina Highway Patrol is not sure how the three trucks ended up colliding. One of the truck drivers was injured in the wreck and had to be taken...
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Is the Driver Who Rear-Ends Another Car Always at Fault?

May 24, 2017   |  
The Goldsboro News-Argus reported on a deadly rear-end car accident that claimed the life of a 58-year-old man from Goldsboro. The fatal accident happened on US 70 Bypass near mile marker 362. As the 58-year-old man was traveling along US 70 Bypass, a 24-year-old man driving a Chevrolet truck rear-ended...
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What Caused a Deadly Three-Car Crash on I-95?

May 22, 2017   |  
Per WTVD-TV, earlier this year, a three-car crash on Interstate 95 in Robeson County claimed the life of one person. The multivehicle wreck happened on a Saturday night near Fairmont around exit 10 in the northbound lanes of I-95. The person who died was pronounced dead at the scene. Another...
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What Is North Carolina Doing to Get Drunk Drivers Off the Road?

May 15, 2017   |  
The Goldsboro News-Argus published an article recently regarding the results of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program’s Booze It & Lose It enforcement campaign. The campaign is held every year and lasts four weeks. The purpose of the enforcement campaign is to get drunk drivers off the roads before they hurt...
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Why Do Drivers Flee After Pedestrian Accidents?

May 10, 2017   |  
Another in a rash of pedestrian accidents struck our area earlier this year when a three-vehicle accident in Garner resulted in a 53-year-old pedestrian losing his life. According to WRAL-TV, the incident happened around 6:30 am at the intersection of US Highway 401 and Pinewoods Drive. Reportedly, the pedestrian was...
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What Led to a Deadly Head-On Car Crash in Raleigh?

May 8, 2017   |  
WTVD-TV reported earlier this year on a Raleigh head-on car accident that claimed a life. The two-vehicle wreck happened on New Hope Road a little after 8 pm on a Tuesday. Reportedly, leading up to the deadly crash, a 44-year-old driver drove his car over the centerline into oncoming traffic,...
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Who Is Responsible If a Gas Leak Results in a Home Exploding?

May 1, 2017   |  
Following two home explosions that were traced to propane tanks, it seems fair to wonder: Can victims file a gas leak injury claim against a utility company? The first incident took place at a woman’s home in Halifax County. WRAL-TV reported on the incident, which allegedly occurred after workers from...
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Is It Possible to Drive Safely in Foggy Conditions?

April 28, 2017   |  
The Goldsboro News-Argus reported on the death of a pedestrian who was killed while walking along Beston Road in LaGrange recently. Per the report, a 25-year-old woman was driving northbound on Beston Road at the same time a 26-year-old man was walking in the same direction on the road. Due...
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How Do I Safely Change Lanes While Driving on the Highway?

April 26, 2017   |  
A deadly two-vehicle car accident that happened on the Durham Highway recently may have been the result of a driver failing to safely change lanes. According to WTVD-TV, as the two vehicles were traveling northbound on the freeway near TW Alexander Drive, one of the cars, a Toyota Camry, began...
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