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Metformin Recall Continues After NDMA Contamination Detected

October 9, 2020   |  
Drug manufacturers are moving forward with continued metformin recalls after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced the popular diabetes medicine is contaminated with NDMA, a potentially cancer-causing chemical. India-based manufacturer Marksans Pharma Limited joins seven other pharmaceutical companies that have issued metformin recalls due to NDMA contamination. The...
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What Potential Compensation is Available in a Zantac Lawsuit?

September 16, 2020   |  
As Zantac lawsuits heat up across the country, many are asking, “What compensation is available in Zantac cancer lawsuits?” Zantac, the brand name for the generic drug ranitidine, is contaminated with NDMA, which has been identified as a probable human carcinogen. It may have put thousands at risk for developing...
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Zantac Investigation Launched by Department of Justice

August 6, 2020   |  
The Department of Justice has opened an investigation into Zantac manufacturers Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in the wake of Food & Drug Administration (FDA) findings that the popular heartburn medication contains cancer-causing NDMA. The Justice Department's Zantac investigation is specifically focused on whether Sanofi and/or GSK violated the False Claims...
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Potential Zantac Settlement: Do You Have a Claim?

May 11, 2020   |  
Are you seeking to pursue a potential Zantac settlement for cancer potentially suffered as a result of taking Zantac or ranitidine? A Zantac lawsuit attorney at Riddle & Brantley can help. We will evaluate your case for free, advise you on your best legal options, and if you decide to...
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Does Nizatidine Cause Cancer?

May 5, 2020   |  
In the wake of findings that Zantac may cause cancer due to NDMA contamination, scientists, doctors and patients are increasingly worried about another heartburn medication, nizatidine. Does nizatidine cause cancer? In late 2019, labs discovered that nizatidine (also sold under brand names Tazac and Axid) may be contaminated with NDMA,...
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Nizatidine Recall in Canada Raises Serious Questions

May 5, 2020   |  
A major Canadian pharmaceutical company has issued a nizatidine recall, the latest in a string of cancer concerns related to the popular heartburn medication. An initial nizatidine recall was issued by Mylan in the United States in early 2020 after testing found elevated levels of NDMA, a potentially cancer-causing chemical....
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Zantac Pancreatic Cancer Risk

April 30, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause pancreatic cancer? The FDA has determined that Zantac and generic ranitidine are contaminated with cancer-causing NDMA. Based on prevailing scientific evidence, it seems evident that exposure to Zantac (ranitidine) may cause pancreatic cancer in humans. In this blog post, we’ll examine potential Zantac pancreatic cancer risk. BACKGROUND...
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Zantac Brain Cancer: Is There a Connection?

April 29, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause brain cancer? After the FDA determined that Zantac and generic ranitidine are contaminated with a potentially cancer-causing chemical, NDMA, scientists are racing to determine which cancers may be caused by Zantac. Brain cancer is currently thought to be caused by elevated levels of NDMA (found in Zantac),...
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Zantac Kidney Cancer: What’s the Risk?

April 27, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause kidney cancer? Recent research indicates that NDMA-contaminated Zantac may cause kidney cancer, and as many as 18 other types. If you’ve taken brand-name Zantac and been diagnosed with kidney cancer (or another type of cancer), you may have a claim for compensation and the experienced Zantac cancer...
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Zantac Bladder Cancer Risk

April 24, 2020   |  
Due to detected levels of a probable human carcinogen, NDMA, in prescription and over-the-counter ranitidine medications, taking Zantac may increase your risk of developing bladder cancer. In this post, we’ll examine the potential Zantac bladder cancer risk. Those who have taken brand-name Zantac and developed bladder cancer (or another qualifying...
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