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Are the Chemicals Used to Clean Swimming Pools Safe?

August 21, 2017   |  
Are the chemicals used to clean swimming pools dangerous? According to a recent WRAL-TV report, in certain situations, yes. Per the WRAL-TV story, a YMCA in Durham was closed following a poolside chemical spill that resulted in 40 kids being hospitalized. A lifeguard first noticed the spill. The lifeguard smelled...
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How Can I Make Sure My Kids Stay Safe While Swimming This Summer?

May 15, 2017   |  
With summer just around the corner, many parents and their children will be spending a lot of time around swimming pools, lakes and at the beach. While this will no doubt lead to fun times, anytime you spend time around the water, there’s a drowning risk. In the video below,...
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Pools Can Result in Injuries, & Lawsuits

July 10, 2015   |  
A 3-year old child died yesterday from drowning in a Clayton pool yesterday, according to an ABC11 article.  The article does not state whether there were lifeguards on duty at the Lionsgate Athletic Club, but according to the Lionsgate website, the location has multiple pools, so it would seem likely...
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