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What Should I Do If My Birth Control Hurts Me?

September 11, 2017   |  
If your birth control hurts you, how can you determine if it is a common side effect or something more serious? Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit claiming Mirena birth control seriously damaged her eyesight. Per the suit, the woman claims that after she began using the Mirena birth control...
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Are Opioid Painkillers Too Addictive to Be Prescribed to Treat Chronic Pain?

September 8, 2017   |  
IMPORTANT: Please note that due to filing deadlines and other criteria, we are no longer accepting any opioid claims. Addiction to opioid painkillers has become a nationwide problem. Opioids are meant as a short-term solution to help people treat the pain associated with severe injuries and health conditions. However, more...
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The Verdict Is in, But Will Nissan Pay the Price?

August 7, 2017   |  
Last week, we told you about the California car crash that claimed three lives, which could have consequences felt all over the country. Well, there has been a new development in this case, and it’s not good news for Nissan. Will Nissan Pay the Price for this Verdict? Almost a...
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Is Nissan Trying to Hide Potentially Defective Brakes?

July 31, 2017   |  
What is the one part of your car that you want to work every time you use it? Though seatbelts or airbags are obviously near the top of that list, there is one car part that may be more important. Few people think about how important a car’s brakes are,...
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How Will the Takata Bankruptcy Affect Its Airbag Recall?

July 19, 2017   |  
Have you heard of the Takata airbag recall? If not, then you need to keep reading. It is the largest automotive recall in history, and ignoring it could prove deadly. As of this writing, 12 people in the U.S. have allegedly lost their lives due to these defective airbags—worldwide 17...
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Could Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide Give You Cancer?

July 12, 2017   |  
Did you know that North Carolina is one of the nation’s top agricultural states? We produce peanuts, soybeans, cotton, and we produce more tobacco and sweet potatoes than any other state in the nation. Anything that affects agriculture in the U.S. affects our farmers right here in North Carolina, and...
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Being an Only Child Overrated? Two-Year-Old Boy Saves His Twin from a Falling Dresser

January 3, 2017   |  
What could have been a terrible tragedy turned out to be a miracle instead. Recently, a two-year-old boy in Utah saved his twin brother when a dresser fell on him. Check out the video below, which was released by the parents as a reminder of why it’s so important for...
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