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When Students Get Concussions on School Grounds

September 14, 2015   |  
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports thousands of school-age children sustain concussions each year while playing at school. Those serious head injuries occur as students engage in physical education classes, participate in sports, or enjoy other school-sponsored activities. While many students are likely to achieve a full recovery...
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Three Big Safety Concerns for You and Your Kids

July 9, 2015   |  
National Child Safety Awareness Month concluded in June, but our firm’s commitment to safety awareness continues in July. We want to focus parents' attention on the three big safety concerns for themselves and their kids: summer heat, water and fireworks. The EPA reports that during 2014, heat was the leading...
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Keep Your Kids Safe at the Pool

July 8, 2015   |  
With summer in full swing, chances are your kids will be visiting the community pool or swimming in someone’s backyard pool. Keeping your kids safe at the pool is easy when you follow some simple but important rules. The danger of drowning is very real, as it is the third...
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Fireworks Safety for You and Your Family

July 2, 2015   |  
As Independence Day approaches, many of us start planning a small fireworks show at our homes or family gatherings. Obviously, when using pyrotechnics, safety should be our primary concern. Fireworks are beautiful and deadly at the same time, and the keys to having a safe holiday are common sense and...
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