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Zantac COVID-19 Risk: What You Need to Know

July 9, 2020   |  
Does Zantac increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus? A new study suggests there is a significant Zantac COVID-19 risk and that those who take other heartburn medications may also be at increased coronavirus risk.  According to a new study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, a disproportionate number of people...
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Potential Zantac Settlement: Do You Have a Claim?

May 11, 2020   |  
Are you seeking to pursue a potential Zantac settlement for cancer potentially suffered as a result of taking Zantac or ranitidine? A Zantac lawsuit attorney at Riddle & Brantley can help. We will evaluate your case for free, advise you on your best legal options, and if you decide to...
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Zantac Pancreatic Cancer Risk

April 30, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause pancreatic cancer? The FDA has determined that Zantac and generic ranitidine are contaminated with cancer-causing NDMA. Based on prevailing scientific evidence, it seems evident that exposure to Zantac (ranitidine) may cause pancreatic cancer in humans. In this blog post, we’ll examine potential Zantac pancreatic cancer risk. BACKGROUND...
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Zantac Brain Cancer: Is There a Connection?

April 29, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause brain cancer? After the FDA determined that Zantac and generic ranitidine are contaminated with a potentially cancer-causing chemical, NDMA, scientists are racing to determine which cancers may be caused by Zantac. Brain cancer is currently thought to be caused by elevated levels of NDMA (found in Zantac),...
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Zantac Liver Cancer Risk: What We Know

April 27, 2020   |  
Does Zantac cause liver cancer? Since the FDA recalled Zantac and generic ranitidine based on possible cancer-causing NDMA contamination, many patients are asking questions about potential Zantac liver cancer risk. Here’s what you need to know about the risk of liver cancer potentially caused by Zantac. BACKGROUND: Zantac NDMA Contamination...
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Zantac Breast Cancer Risk

April 22, 2020   |  
Since an independent lab discovered NDMA contamination in ranitidine in late 2019, many have wondered about potential Zantac breast cancer risk. Here’s what you need to know about the potential link between Zantac and breast cancer: Zantac Cancer Risk In early 2020, the FDA warned that Zantac is contaminated with...
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Should You Take Zantac While Pregnant?

April 21, 2020   |  
***WARNING: The FDA has issued an urgent warning that levels of NDMA contamination in Zantac presents a dangerous risk of cancer. The FDA advises those taking prescription Zantac or ranitidine to consult with their doctor immediately, and those taking over-the-counter OTC Zantac or other ranitidine-containing products to stop taking the...
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Lawsuit Against Zantac: Are You Eligible?

April 14, 2020   |  
Lawsuits against Zantac are piling up based on allegations that NDMA-contaminated Zantac may cause cancer. Many affected patients are wondering, “Can I file a lawsuit against Zantac?” Zantac Lawsuit Eligibility Many of those who have taken over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription brand-name Zantac may have a potential Zantac compensation claim —...
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Is Zantac Dangerous?

April 14, 2020   |  
On April 1, 2020 the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requested all manufacturers withdraw all prescription and over the counter (OTC) ranitidine drugs (Zantac and others) from the market immediately. This was due to the presence of a contaminant known as N- Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). When this contamination was first recognized, it...
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Who is Liable for Zantac-Related Cancers?

April 13, 2020   |  
Legal analysts expect thousand of Zantac lawsuits to be filed over the next several years, alleging that NDMA-contaminated Zantac caused various types of cancer. But who is liable for Zantac-related cancers? There are many potential defendants in Zantac lawsuits because many different manufacturers are responsible for the production and sale...
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