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Who Is Responsible When the Police Are Involved in a Crash?

July 26, 2017   |  
It was early morning on July 8th when a call came in to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. A car had crashed into a building, and three patrol units were responding to the call. However, one of those patrol cars never made it to the crash site, and now a police officer is...
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What Should I Do If My Car’s Hit by a Driver Who Ran a Red Light?

June 9, 2017   |  
According to WTVD-TV, after a car ran a red light, it crashed into a SUV that was turning left. The wreck, which took place in Fayetteville on Murchison Road, resulted in seven people being rushed to the hospital for treatment. As of this writing, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol...
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How Can NC Keep Reckless Drivers from Getting Behind the Wheel of School Buses?

January 27, 2017   |  
What are the requirements for driving school buses in NC? That’s what some people may have been wondering after 19 students were injured in a school bus crash that happened because of a bus driver’s recklessness. Per a WRAL-TV report, the school bus accident happened in December as a bus...
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