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Woman Hit, Killed by Tractor-Trailer While Passing

April 24, 2018   |  
Early Monday morning around 6:00 am, a woman was killed after being hit by a tractor-trailer on U.S. Highway 55 near Mount Olive, North Carolina. A 37-year-old lady from Seven Springs was reported traveling westbound on U.S. 55 when her vehicle was hit head-on by a tractor-trailer. [su_button background="#13182E" color="#ffffff"...
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What Factors Impact a Construction Accident Claim?

March 8, 2018   |  
Construction accidents are common workplace injuries. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 21 percent of work-related injuries occur on construction sites. Several are severe and even fatal including falls, being hit by falling objects, electrocutions, and being pinned between vehicles and other large objects. These...
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How Do I Know If My Vehicle Was Recalled?

February 9, 2018   |  
Vehicles with safety defects are recalled by manufacturers each year. In fact, more than 53 million vehicles were recalled in the US during 2016. While your vehicle’s manufacturer is required to notify you when there is a recall, there are reasons why you may not receive the notification. Fortunately, you...
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Are Pedestrian Accidents in North Carolina Getting Worse?

December 6, 2017   |  
Pedestrian accidents are a major public safety issue in North Carolina. This type of crash occurs when a vehicle hits a pedestrian, typically one who is crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk. Pedestrians can also be hit in neighborhoods or while walking in parking lots. There have been...
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Safety Counts: Are You Ready for the August Heat?

August 8, 2017   |  
What are your plans for this August? Do they include staying cool? Well the Raleigh accident lawyers here at Riddle & Brantley want to make sure you are staying cool as the hottest month of the year rolls around. And if you thought July was hot, August might be getting...
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Why You Should Consider Getting an Action Cam

July 24, 2017   |  
In Tennessee, two men were riding the Natchez Trace Parkway on bicycles, behind them two cars were waiting to pass. Before long an F150 passed the duo safely and drove on, but the black Volvo that was behind the truck didn’t pass with the same care. What happens next illustrates...
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Who Is Responsible When a Bus Collides with a Pedestrian?

July 21, 2017   |  
When a vehicle hits a bicyclist or a pedestrian, the injuries can be devastating. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries and death are just a few of the many results of such a collision. Unfortunately, we see these crashes occur far too often, and now, one Durham community must deal with...
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How Will the Takata Bankruptcy Affect Its Airbag Recall?

July 19, 2017   |  
Have you heard of the Takata airbag recall? If not, then you need to keep reading. It is the largest automotive recall in history, and ignoring it could prove deadly. As of this writing, 12 people in the U.S. have allegedly lost their lives due to these defective airbags—worldwide 17...
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Is Summer the Season of Truck Accidents?

July 17, 2017   |  
Have you noticed more truck accidents out on North Carolina roads recently? Two big ones just happened within just a few days of each other, and more just keep piling up. But that’s not unusual for this time of the year. Does that surprise you? As it turns out, summer...
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Could Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide Give You Cancer?

July 12, 2017   |  
Did you know that North Carolina is one of the nation’s top agricultural states? We produce peanuts, soybeans, cotton, and we produce more tobacco and sweet potatoes than any other state in the nation. Anything that affects agriculture in the U.S. affects our farmers right here in North Carolina, and...
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