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How Can Motorcycle Riders Increase Visibility?

March 17, 2018   |  
Motorcycles are some of the smallest motor vehicles on the road. Many motorcycle accidents occur when motorists fail to see riders in time to avoid a collision. It is extremely important to maximize your visibility if you regularly use a motorcycle. The following six tips may help you increase your...
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Are the Chemicals Used to Clean Swimming Pools Safe?

August 21, 2017   |  
Are the chemicals used to clean swimming pools dangerous? According to a recent WRAL-TV report, in certain situations, yes. Per the WRAL-TV story, a YMCA in Durham was closed following a poolside chemical spill that resulted in 40 kids being hospitalized. A lifeguard first noticed the spill. The lifeguard smelled...
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How Can I Make Sure My Kids Stay Safe While Swimming This Summer?

May 15, 2017   |  
With summer just around the corner, many parents and their children will be spending a lot of time around swimming pools, lakes and at the beach. While this will no doubt lead to fun times, anytime you spend time around the water, there’s a drowning risk. In the video below,...
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How Do I Evacuate with Pets During a Disaster?

November 16, 2016   |  
Our state is still recovering following Hurricane Matthew, including massive amounts of property damage, injuries, and fatalities. We blogged about what you can do for help if you’re struggling in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Looking back, one subject we didn’t cover, either as the hurricane approached or after it...
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Is It Safe to Drive a Moving Truck Without a Commercial License?

November 14, 2016   |  
It takes a lot of training to get behind the wheel of 18 wheelers and other large trucks. These vehicles are large, powerful and require precision driving skills to handle safely. For that reason, it seems like moving trucks, such as those rented by U-Haul, should require a commercial driver’s...
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Haunted House Safety Tips for Homeowners

October 10, 2016   |  
As Halloween approaches, everyone is getting ready, including picking out costumes, making sure kids understand how to trick or treat safely, going to haunted houses and even turning their own homes into haunted houses. For some homeowners, setting up scares in and around their property is a favorite Halloween pastime....
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