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Why Do We Need the ELD Rule for Commercial Trucks?

December 29, 2017   |  
Commercial trucks are some of the largest vehicles on the road. When these massive vehicles are fully loaded, they can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Department of Transportation regulations are designed to prevent these vehicles from posing a risk to the public. The impact force is devastating when a vehicle...
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How Did Three 18 Wheelers Crash into Each Other?

May 26, 2017   |  
WTVD-TV reported on an 18-wheeler crash involving three trucks that happened in Orange County near the exit for a weigh station. North Carolina Highway Patrol is not sure how the three trucks ended up colliding. One of the truck drivers was injured in the wreck and had to be taken...
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What Trucking Company and Trucker Mistakes Can Lead to Wrecks?

February 1, 2017   |  
A two-vehicle crash in Greensboro involving an SUV and a tractor-trailer truck resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl, according to WRAL-TV. The girl was a passenger in the SUV when it collided with an 18 wheeler while traveling on Interstate 40. Following the collision, the SUV rolled over...
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What to Do If Your Loved One’s the Victim of a Fatal Truck Crash

December 30, 2016   |  
In early December, an 18-wheeler accident on Poole Road in Raleigh claimed one person’s life. According to WRAL-TV, the fatal truck crash happened when the big rig pulled into the intersection of Poole Road and Bethlehem Road and collided with a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup truck died...
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