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Can I Afford a North Carolina Workers Comp Attorney Who is a Specialist?

Dan Brian   |  March 23, 2017   |  

At our workers compensation law firm, we have two attorneys who are Board Certified Specialists. In this video, workers comp attorney who is a specialist Chris Brantley explains how he has been approved by the state to be a specialist in this type of law, and that it does not cost more for an injured worker to hire him over another lawyer who is not a specialist.

Additionally, it does not cost anything to call and speak to Chris about your workers’ comp claim. If he believes you can handle the case on your own, he can point you in the right direction. If you have a complex case or had difficulty with your claim, he can offer you your best path and options for recovery.

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Video Transcription

Many times, people call me and talk to me about their situation and ask me questions. And I’ll talk to them as to whether they do need an attorney or not.

Sometimes I have people who call who have a potential settlement and I’m willing to review the settlement documents with them. And sometimes I tell them, look this is the best you can do and I think you should go ahead and go for it. In certain cases, people don’t need a lawyer, but they need to always consult with an attorney.

There’s some minor injury claims where it’s pretty cut-and-dry, straightforward. They may not need an attorney. But you’re working in a system that’s very biased towards the insurance industry. And the insurance industry has teams of lawyers, they have expert adjusters who know what the law is. And workers’ compensation law is very convoluted. It’s a creature of statute, rules, case law, and there’s just so many missteps and landmines you can step on. You need to talk to an attorney.

It does not cost more to have a board-certified specialist. Our fee is a contingent fee. It has to be approved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission and the standard fee is twenty-five percent settlement or sums that could be obtained. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.