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Can You Appeal a Workers Comp Denial?

Dan Brian   |  April 30, 2017   |  

What happens if your workers compensation claim is denied? Can you appeal a workers comp denial? In this video, attorney Gene Riddle explains that his law offices assist workers who have sustained injuries on the job.

While it is preferable to contact a workplace accident attorney before filing the claim, you can appeal a workers comp denial. At our office, we have two attorneys who are board certified as specialists in workers compensation law, and they charge exactly the same attorney fees as a regular lawyer.

YouTube video

Video Transcription:

The worst part about a workers compensation case is when the client has handled it on their own and the insurance company has denied it. And that happens a whole lot more than it should.

We help people with those cases, and we’re glad to help them and we want to help them. But we really like to get that case before it’s denied. Because once a workers comp case is denied, then we have to persuade or convince the adjuster or the attorney handling it on the other side that they need to accept liability and pay the claim. Otherwise, we find ourselves in a hearing.

In a lot of workers comp cases that have been denied, we can persuade the attorney that is handling it for the other side or the insurance adjuster that the claim should be accepted and paid. A lot of times, we’re successful with that.  If not, we can file motions and we can actually have a hearing. And we have a very good track record of winning our cases. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help. Justice Counts!