Car Accident Testimonial – Gwendolyn

March 27, 2017 | By Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers
Car Accident Testimonial – Gwendolyn

What Our Past Client Has to Say About Our Car Accident Attorneys

After a serious car accident, most people are unsure about what to do. They have never been in such a situation before, and it can be overwhelming to deal with the legal and financial aftermath while trying to recover physically. This is why a car accident attorney can be invaluable to a person hurt in a crash. In this video, our former client discusses what happened when she contacted our personal injury law office after her family was harmed in an auto accident. We pride ourselves on responding to calls and emails after hours and on weekends. [su_button background="#13182E" color="#ffffff" size="10" wide="yes" center="yes" url="tel:1-800-525-7111" desc="Injured in a car accident? Click to call for a FREE consultation!"]1-800-525-7111[/su_button]

Video Transcription

I’m Gene Riddle and this is our client Gwendolyn’s story. I’ve never been in an incident where the airbags were deployed. I’ve been in an accident before but not that serious. Myself, my fiancé and my daughter, we had back injuries, knee injuries and leg injuries. Riddle & Brantley treated my case like it was a big case. They were very compassionate. I got a fair result and all my medical bills were taken care of, thanks to Riddle & Brantley. Riddle & Brantley. When Justice Counts.