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What is Considered a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Dan Brian   |  April 20, 2017   |  

A traumatic brain injury is unlike any other physical injuries, mostly because a TBI may not be as obvious to other people as a broken bone or spinal injury. However, this invisible nature of a brain injury is one of the reasons TBIs can be so devastating to the individual and his or her family. In this video, founding partner Gene Riddle explains what is considered a traumatic brain injury, and what he and his law firm staff can do to help.

YouTube video

Video Transcription:

A brain injury can be an invisible injury in terms of you can’t see it except through the use of an MRI or CT scans. However it is not invisible, in terms of what you see on the outward appearance of the person that was hurt. For example if they’re in a wheelchair, for example if they can’t move the arms or legs, for example if they can’t speak clearly and if they can’t think clearly, you can easily determine that. The family of a TBI injury, and TBI means traumatic brain injury, suffers a great deal when their loved one is hurt this bad, but the loved one suffers even more, and the loved one suffers because they can’t ambulate by themselves, they can’t walk by themselves, they lose the ability in a lot of cases to speak clearly, they lose the ability to think clearly, someone has to speak for them, and in those situations most of the times it’s another family member who has to speak for them, and we work very closely with that family member. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice counts.