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Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Has Insurance Experience?

Dan Brian   |  July 7, 2017   |  

Filing a successful insurance claim can be difficult, especially if an adjuster suspects that you are not familiar with the industry. A simple mistake or lack of preparation can result in a denial, leaving you with no compensation after an injury. In this video, attorney Sean Cole explains the advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer who has insurance experience.

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Video Transcription

When working for the insurance company, you find that a lot of people who do what I do have worked there before, not everyone. And if you have worked for an insurance company as an attorney, you see what somebody’s up against. When they have a case that has to go to trial. Or even the case that even if it doesn’t go to trial, has to go through litigation. And even with our cases. A lot of our pre-litigation files involve a lot of work up. And a lot of the same things that we will do when we put a case in to suit. So, you see the resources that the insurance industry has. And that they deploy against people. An insurance company can afford to spend five or ten thousand dollars to get an expert to discredit someone’s case. If they think that will save them fifteen thousand dollars. The average person can’t do that. And so, they need help. And that’s what we provide. A lot of times insurance companies are actually willing to pay. But if they think that you’re not going to be able to go to court, they’re not going to take you seriously. And so, you know Teddy Roosevelt said, “walk softly and carry a big stick.” And I tell the clients we’re the big stick. We walk softly at first, to try and see what we can negotiate. But the insurance company knows that an average person, just a day-to-day person of going about their life has no experience in the court system. And it’s simply too easy to get thrown out of court to try and handle a case by yourself. So, we level the playing field. Just by being there for our clients. And by knowing how to negotiate, and when and how to push back against the insurance industry. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice counts.