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Past Client Testimonial About a Car Accident and Medical Issue

Dan Brian   |  March 22, 2017   |  

In this video, one of our past clients describes how she was very satisfied with the outcome of our law firm in a testimonial about a car accident case involving her children. Due to this, she later hired our law firm to handle a medical issue for herself, as well. Our client describes how she was treated throughout the process by our attorneys and staff. At our personal injury law firm, our clients are the top priority.

We deal with people who may be experiencing the most difficult times of their lives. We only want the best for them, and we work hard to ensure each case is being handled to the best of our abilities. No matter who calls us for what purpose, every person is treated the way we would want ourselves and our own families to be treated under the circumstances.

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Video Transcription

After the kids had an accident, I liked what they had done with my children so I had a medical issue and I called up here and I spoke with Kay and told her what was going on with me and what could we do about it. And they handled it from there. The outcome was wonderful. I got everything that I wanted. And they did a great job in handling it. I have recommended the firm to a friend and they called. And I will continue to recommend this firm from the car accident, to the medical issue, to the phone calls after hours, you know.

Anytime I called, anytime I had a question. They answered everything promptly. I didn’t have to wait two or three days. It was handled that day. You know within a few minutes. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.