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Past Client Testimonial About a Motorcycle Accident Case

Dan Brian   |  March 22, 2017   |  

In this video, our past clients offer a testimonial about a motorcycle accident case whereby they were hit from behind. At the time, they did not know the law firm of Riddle & Brantley. After meeting with our motorcycle accident lawyers and pursing their case, they were very satisfied with the result. They even got to know Coconut the dog, as they are fellow animal lovers! At our law firm, we always treat our clients and prospective clients with the utmost respect. We want our clients to be treated the way we would like our own family to be treated after a serious accident or injury.

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Video Transcription

I had a job interview. And I had basically got the job and I was to start the next day or come back in. And we were going to celebrate with ice cream and we came back from our ride. And on the way, home we ended up in tight traffic and it was a sudden stop and we just hit the back end of a big truck. We knew we needed to call someone immediately. And I was just in the phone book and Riddle and Brantley just jumped out at me and I said let’s call these people right here. And we did. And that was our best choice we made. One of the details that brought us to this firm is the fact that Coconut. We have a beautiful Maltese Shih Tzu which is my wife’s baby. My girlfriend’s baby. And having Coconut on the advertisement, pull us in. The day that I came home from the hospital they immediately sent a representative out to the house to see if I was okay. Come to this firm. They are small enough, believe me, to meet you in person, but they’re big enough to go against those that are against you. Finding a good firm is good. Finding the right firm is better. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.