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Past Client Testimonial Regarding a Wrongful Death Car Accident Case

Dan Brian   |  March 22, 2017   |  

In this video, our past client describes a tragic car accident case that resulted in the death of her niece. She came to the firm because her sister and niece knew firm founder and personal injury attorney Gene Riddle. When Gene took the case, he also gave this client his cell phone number so she could contact him with any questions while the case proceeded. At our personal injury law firm, we understand that most of our clients are dealing with terrible circumstances they have never before experienced. We want to ease their burdens throughout the legal case so they can concentrate on their own families and emotional health.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to another’s negligence, a North Carolina wrongful death lawyer can help you fight for justice and recover compensation.

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Video Transcription

My niece was on her way to work. And a guy that was on his way to work fell asleep at the wheel, went across the yellow line, hit her head on, and killed her instantly. My sister knew Gene and my niece also knew him. And so my sister came here to talk to him and asked him to take the case. He did an excellent job. We couldn’t have asked for it to be handled any better. Any time I ever called, they called me and I even have Gene’s cell phone number. He told me anytime I needed him, no matter what time it was, to call him. If I didn’t get him he would call me back. And he’s always called me back. It’s hard, it’s difficult, but go and get some help and call Riddle & Brantley. And they’ll help you. Riddle & Brantley is where you need to go. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.