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What Should Surviving Family Members Do After a Wrongful Death?

Dan Brian   |  March 27, 2017   |  

We understand that money is not the only reason you are seeking justice for your family after a wrongful death. Seeking the acceptance of responsibility from the parties who caused the loss of your loved ones is also important. However, at the same time, North Carolina law provides compensation when a person dies due to a preventable accident that was due to negligence. In this video, North Carolina injury attorney Gene Riddle explains Riddle & Brantley’s dedication to holding negligent parties accountable for wrongful death.

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The wrongful death lawyers at Riddle & Brantley fight aggressively for your rights and level the playing field.

Video Transcription

The law is in fact, somewhat, limited in what it can do to replace the value of a lost life. Particularly in North Carolina because we have a certain statute that addresses the type of compensation that a family can get when they’ve lost a loved one. And with that in mind we have to understand that, again, money is not the entire realm of justice that you’re seeking for your family. You’re seeking a sense of acknowledgement and an acceptance of responsibility from the party who caused you to lose your loved one. But at the same time you have to have compensation because our laws provide for compensation when we lose a loved one. And at Riddle & Brantley we understand both of those things. That number one, it’s more than money. It’s about this family lost a loved one so we’re very sensitive to that. And we’re very sensitive to making the other side accept responsibility. And then number two, it is about compensation. Because the law allows for it. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here. We’re ready to help. Justice Counts.