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What Should You Do If You’re Sexually Assaulted?

Dan Brian   |  March 27, 2017   |  

It is hard to imagine what life is like for a person who survived sexual assault. What many victims of sexual assault might not realize is that they may have a civil case against the individual or institution that caused them harm. In this video, sexual assault attorney Gene Riddle explains that he has handled many cases regarding these situations for male and female victims. Further, our law offices also have female attorneys on staff if a person would be more comfortable speaking to a woman lawyer. There is no cost and no obligation to hire our firm. Call us to find out what options might be available to you. We can help—justice counts.

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Video Transcription

I’ve actually handled sexual assault cases for the victim. The cases that I’ve handled in the past have involved people in a superior position to the person, usually a female, who was sexually assaulted. In the past I’ve handled cases where a department of corrections officials, jailers, sheriff’s deputies, actually took sexual advantage and actually had the inmates and prisoners perform sexual acts on them while they were incarcerated. And consent is not a defense in this type of situation because the person that is being held captive is incapable, under the law, of giving proper consent. If you’re the victim of a sexual assault, you need to talk to me, I’ve handled these cases, I know what I’m doing, I can offer you good advice, even if you don’t hire me. Please give us a call or send us an email. We’re here, we’re ready to help. Justice Counts.