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Our Investigators

At Riddle & Brantley, we have several experienced investigators who help investigate accidents as well as meet with clients who are unable to come into one of our offices to meet with a lawyer. Our investigators can meet you at a location convenient for you and provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for the lawyer to begin working on your case, and if you have questions or concerns during their visit, they will get a lawyer on the phone to help you.

felix-martinez-editFelix M. Martinez – Felix is a native of Miami, Florida. He graduated from Miami Beach Senior High and later attended Miami-Dade Community College where he obtained a degree in Criminal Justice. Felix started his law enforcement career in 1984 with the Miami-Dade Police Department where he quickly became a certified instructor and served the department as a trainer.

Felix worked closely with the Auto Theft Task Force to train officers from many other police agencies in observing and investigating major property crimes.

In 1997 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served as a Field Training Supervisor (F.T.S.) responsible for directing and supervising a squad of police officer trainers, who assisted new recruits with their field training activities after leaving the police academy. As a training supervisor, Felix served as the acting platoon Commander on a regular basis due to his sound understanding of the responsibilities of a first line supervisor.

Felix moved to North Carolina and free-lanced as an Asset Protection Consultant for numerous businesses until he joined the firm as our bilingual investigator in 2014. Felix was a recipient of the departments’ Distinguished Officer of the Month and Bronze Medal of Valor in February 1994. Felix has two sons serving in the Navy who have also chosen law enforcement as their career paths.

Andrew-SantanaAndrew M. Santana – I am an investigator; I come to you and help with the start of processing your claim. I am here to answer any questions you have and to make sure the process is easy for you.

Background: I am a retired NYPD officer; I worked for the department for 7 1/2 years before retiring. I had family that lived in Goldsboro and I would visit them regularly when I retired I knew that this would be the ideal place to live and raise a family

Why I like working at Riddle & Brantley: I like working at Riddle and Brantley because we get to help people. I also enjoy the fact that I get to travel, I am able to see all parts of NC. The people that I work with are great and are always willing to give a helping hand.

What I like to do in my free time: In my free time I love spending time with my family wife and son as well as my pug, I also enjoy working out and trying to stay healthy. I am a big soccer fan and love spending my weekends watching soccer on TV.