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$140,000 Settlement – Auto Accident

$140K   |  Auto Accident   |  September 26, 2022

Total Settlement: $140,000

Attorney: Darren Dawson

Traveling at a high speed, the at-fault driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center line, and struck our client causing serious injuries. The defendant driver was charged with careless and reckless driving but carried no insurance on his vehicle. Our legal staff discovered a $30,000 insurance policy on the vehicle our client was driving. This did not end our investigation into all coverages. Part of the job at Riddle & Brantley is to identify any and all other insurance coverages which might apply to an accident, including the policies of all family members living with our client. We found an additional $50,000 policy in the name of his mother, a $30,000 policy in the name of his brother, and another $30,000 policy in our client’s name. The total recovery for our client with all combined (called stacked) insurance coverages was $140,000. This is why you should hire an attorney to review all potential coverage for an accident before you settle.