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Auto Accident

$750K   |  Auto Accident   |  March 5, 2018

Settlement:  $750,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Adam Smith

In August of 2016, we were associated by an out-of-state attorney regarding a motor vehicle collision that occurred in North Carolina over a year earlier.  The collision was caused by a vehicle owned by a landscaping company, and the insurance company for the landscaper had refused to engage in settlement discussions, claiming that the driver of the vehicle was not authorized to operate the vehicle. Our client suffered serious injuries to both legs requiring surgery.  He suffered permanent impairments to his legs.

We promptly filed suit against the other driver and his company.

We also took depositions of witnesses, parties and medical providers.  The insurance company promptly reconsidered its position and invited us to engage in settlement discussions at mediation.

The client was on the job at the time of the wreck and had received worker’s compensation benefits, so all of his medical care had been paid for and he had been paid for his time out of work.

We attended mediation and were able to settle the claim for $750,000.  We also had a worker’s compensation lien seeking reimbursement for $299,000, and we were able to negotiate that lien down to $100,000.  The result allowed our client to receive almost $400,000 in his pocket after all medical expenses, costs, and attorney’s fees were paid.  This amount was in addition to the recovery he received when we settled his worker’s compensation claim a year earlier.

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