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Truck Accident/Wrongful Death

$9.45M   |  Tractor-Trailer Accident   |  January 18, 2018

Settlement: $9,450,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Kurt Dixon

Attorney Kurt Dixon of our firm recently settled the second part to a wrongful death case on the eve of trial for an additional $4 million against the last defendant, a road construction company performing pavement marking at the site of the crash.

The case involved the tragic death of a family of four killed when a pavement marking company caused traffic to back up on a North Carolina highway.  Two tractor-trailer trucks were unable to stop in time. A tanker truck slammed into the back of the family’s pickup killing them instantly. Assisted by attorney Gene Riddle, Dixon filed suit and settled the claims against two trucking companies for $5.45 million (the limits of their insurance).

The pavement marking company performing work in the construction zone denied any wrongdoing and denied it caused traffic to back up.

The key to successfully resolving these cases and proving liability on the pavement marking company was the extensive investigation and hiring of experts to prove our case. We even subpoenaed data from Google Maps which showed how fast traffic was traveling during the hours before the wreck. This data was vital to prove negligence on the part of the pavement marking company.

One week before trial, Google provided a witness to prove that their data was accurate regarding the backup of traffic which triggered the accident.  The case settled the next day for $4 million, bringing the total settlement to $9,450,000.

This case was especially important for Kurt because the husband and father who was killed was currently serving in the Navy and the wife and mother was a Navy veteran. Kurt attended the United States Naval Academy where he played football. After graduation, Kurt served for five years in the Marine Corps. It was very satisfying to be able to help the parents of the deceased veterans and hopefully prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again.

Experts used: Reggie Hines, Charlie Gray and Daren Marceau

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