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Truck Accident / Worker’s Compensation

$1.8M   |  Truck Accident | Worker’s Compensation   |  March 29, 2015

Settlement: $1,800,000

Attorney: Gene Riddle

Client was driving a truck for his employer when a dump truck crossed the center line and hit him head on.  He suffered multiple injuries including eventual loss of his left leg below the knee.  He was successfully fitted with an orthopedic foot and managed very well.  Riddle and Brantley worked out settlements with both the Workers Compensation carrier and the carrier for the defendant third party dump truck.

The Workers Compensation carrier paid for all medical bills which totaled approximately $350,000 and paid indemnity to him until his case was settled.  The Workers Compensation carrier then paid an additional $55,000 to our client and waived its lien against the third party claim in its entirety.  The third party paid an advance of $10,000 within a few weeks of the accident, as a result of the efforts of our attorneys.  Then the case was settled with the dump truck for $1,400,000 in addition to all funds paid by the workers compensation carrier.


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