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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hitting the Road for Spring Break? Follow These Tips to Stay Safe

March 6, 2020   |  
For most universities, colleges and high schools, spring break falls between February and April.  This is the time of year students get a break from studying and head out with friends or family to fun destinations. However, Americans should exercise caution if they will be traveling on our nation’s highways...
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Durham Moped Accident Leaves One Dead After SUV Allegedly Runs Stop Sign

October 7, 2019   |  
WRAL reports that a Durham moped driver was killed in an accident early Monday. The moped crash, which reportedly occurred near the intersection of North Guthrie Ave. and Juniper Street in Durham, was allegedly due to another driver's negligence. Police say the driver of a black SUV failed to yield...
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Can You Sue a Drunk Driver in North Carolina?

Can you sue a drunk driver in North Carolina?   You may think that a drunk driver’s DWI is handled in criminal court.  However, there are civil remedies against a drunk or impaired driver too for the damages or injuries he causes. A car accident carries the possibility of injury...
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Bus Accidents: A Quick Event with Long-Term Effects

August 2, 2018   |  
Many people rely on public transportation to get around the city in which they live. This includes city, school or activity, church, charter, and coach buses. It is imperative the driver and company responsible for these buses use caution. Unfortunately, collisions involving buses still occur. Many bus accidents are due...
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How Can Motorcycle Riders Increase Visibility?

March 17, 2018   |  
Motorcycles are some of the smallest motor vehicles on the road. Many motorcycle accidents occur when motorists fail to see riders in time to avoid a collision. It is extremely important to maximize your visibility if you regularly use a motorcycle. The following six tips may help you increase your...
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Six Ways to Share the Road with Motorcycles

March 15, 2018   |  
Motorists have a duty to share the road with motorcyclists. However, the 4,000 plus fatal motorcycle accidents that occur each year show that motorists are not always cautious around riders. You could help share the road by utilizing the following tips. Use your signals. Help motorcyclists and other drivers determine...
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Wrong-Way Crash in Charlotte Kills Two

January 22, 2018   |  
The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal wrong-way crash that occurred on Interstate 485 over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. Highway Patrol troopers said the wrong-way driver hit two other vehicles before slamming head-on into a Honda sedan. The wrong-way driver and the driver of the...
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Could GM’s Marketplace App Increase the Risk of a Car Accident?

The National Safety Council (NSC) recently chastised General Motors over its new vehicle infotainment app. These apps are high-tech dashboard features on cars that display GPS, allow you to select music, or assist with parking. Some features are touchscreen while others are voice-activated. GM’s Marketplace app allows you to use...
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Could Road Debris Cause an Accident During Your Holiday Travels?

December 27, 2017   |  
There are multiple ways you could be involved in an accident while traveling during the holidays. Ice, severe weather, wildlife collisions, and drunk and distracted drivers are all capable of putting you or your loved ones at risk. However, there is another hazard that does not receive the attention it...
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Five Crucial Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Travelling Over the Holiday Weekend

November 13, 2017   |  
Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year on roads in North Carolina and across the country. Millions of people will be traveling to spend time with their loved ones. Car accidents increase during this time of year due to the sudden increase in motorists. It takes preparation...
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