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Statement from Riddle & Brantley

December 20, 2022   |  
It is with the deepest sorrow that the Riddle & Brantley family announces the sudden passing of Mr. Patrick White, attorney at law. Patrick was a skilled lawyer and a devoted, loving husband and father. His strong work ethic and dedication to excellence were coupled with genuine warmth and kindness....
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“Should I File for Divorce Before or After a Personal Injury Claim?”

June 1, 2021   |  
When someone is injured in an accident or because of someone else’s negligence, the process is almost never an easy one. Having to consider divorce while you’re going through that can make it even harder. If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering - what happens to any money...
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Business Interruption Insurance for Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

April 28, 2020   |  
With thousands of businesses closed due to stay-at-home orders for the COVID-19 / coronavirus outbreak, the financial survival of many small and medium-size businesses is in danger. Many businesses have what is called “business interruption” insurance (typically as part of a business owner’s policy) that covers unexpected costs or loss...
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What is Business Interruption Insurance?

April 7, 2020   |  
Business interruption insurance is a type of insurance that reimburses the policyholder for lost income and helps pay for expenses when a business is affected by a particular “peril.” Business interruption insurance is also sometimes referred to as “business income coverage” or “contingent business interruption insurance.” Business interruption insurance is...
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Who is Covered Under the New Paid Sick Leave Law?

April 2, 2020   |  
PLEASE BE AWARE: Riddle & Brantley does not practice employment law and is providing this free information solely in order to help North Carolinians in need. We cannot offer legal advice or representation in employment-related matters except for Social Security disability and workers’ compensation cases.  We care about you so...
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Unemployment Benefits for COVID-19 in North Carolina

March 19, 2020   |  
PLEASE BE AWARE: Riddle & Brantley does NOT handle employment law matters. We are providing this information to help North Carolinians understand new unemployment requirements specific to COVID-19, however we cannot assist with employment matters except for workers' compensation for workplace injuries. These resources are only provided as a helpful guide....
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A Cure for Cancer? Scientists Cautiously Optimistic About New Treatment

January 23, 2020   |  
Researchers at Cardiff University have discovered a treatment technique that one day may be able to treat all types of cancer. According to a recent study, the treatment has been determined able to treat prostate, breast, lung and other types of cancer, although it has not yet been tested on...
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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed About Needing Social Security Disability

August 25, 2017   |  
Recently, The Washington Post published an article written by a man regarding the shame he felt from needing Social Security disability following a stroke. In the piece, the man discusses how he worked his whole life, including 20 years as a process operator for Exxon, before suffering an ischemic stroke....
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Happy Father’s Day from Riddle & Brantley!

June 16, 2017   |  
From our family to yours, Happy Father’s Day! https://youtu.be/0g2mZdqqy6g
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How Does the NC Bathroom Bill Repeal Impact Employment Law?

April 21, 2017   |  
With the NC bathroom bill repeal in the books, transgender people are free to use the public restroom of their choosing. In addition, the repeal has placed restrictions on the ability of cities and towns to create new workplace laws until 2020. Why Does the NC Bathroom Bill Repeal Prevent...
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