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Social Security Disability

3 Types of Disability Benefits: Do You Qualify?

Our clients often have a lot of questions about benefits available to those with disabilities — Social Security disability, VA disability (veterans benefits), and private disability insurance. For instance: What resources are available for someone who is disabled? What’s the difference between Social Security disability and VA disability benefits? Can...
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Disability for Diabetes: How to Qualify

May 26, 2020   |  
We often hear the question, “Can I get disability for diabetes?” Having diabetes and difficulty working as a result may qualify you for Social Security disability, but there are some things you should know before filing a disability claim. In this blog posts, our North Carolina disability attorneys tackle some...
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“Do I Qualify for Disability?”

May 8, 2020   |  
“Do I qualify for disability?” This is one of the most frequent questions our North Carolina disability lawyers get from clients. In this blog post, we’ll outline some important things to keep in mind if you’re wondering, “Can I get Social Security disability?” In order to qualify for disability, a...
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Disability for Mental Health: How to Qualify

May 5, 2020   |  
It’s a question that has perhaps never been more relevant. In this blog post, we’ll outline some things you need to know when filing for disability for mental health. The response of North Carolina (like most states) to the coronavirus pandemic has included things like self-quarantining and social distancing, measures...
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Disability for Back Injury: “Do I Have a Claim?”

April 27, 2020   |  
We hear it from many clients: “Can I file for disability for back injury?” Or, “Does my spinal injury qualify me for disability?” Our Board-Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability, Scott Scurfield, has the answers to your questions about disability for back injuries. One of the most common medical conditions...
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“Will I get a stimulus payment if I receive Social Security disability?”

April 1, 2020   |  
Most Social Security and Social Security disability recipients do not file tax returns. However, with the recent coronavirus-related economic rescue package, the IRS will be sending out stimulus payments based on individual tax returns. And many are wondering: “Will I get a stimulus payment if I receive Social Security disability?”...
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Social Security Offices Close During COVID-19 Outbreak. Now What?

March 19, 2020   |  
One of the federal government’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic has been to close all of its Social Security Administration (SSA) field offices to the public. Recent reports indicate that most SSA employees will be transitioning to remote or "telework" at this time. However, if you are seeking disability benefits,...
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Denied Social Security Disability… Now What?

February 25, 2020   |  
The majority of claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied at the initial level and at all the subsequent appeals levels. If you find yourself in this situation, what are your options? You may be wondering: “I’ve been denied Social Security Disability. Now what?” “The reality is, most initial...
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How Much Does a Disability Lawyer Cost?

February 25, 2020   |  
Many people are confused and intimidated by the thought of hiring and paying a lawyer. This can be an especially overwhelming thought when you need a disability lawyer for your Social Security Disability claim. Many of our clients wonder: “How much does a disability attorney cost?” or “What is the...
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What Are the Chances of Winning a Social Security Disability Appeal?

February 18, 2020   |  
So, you’ve been seriously injured or developed a chronic disease or medical condition and you cannot work. Now you’ve filed an application for Social Security Disability and you’re wondering, what are the chances that I will win my case and be awarded Social Security Disability benefits? What are the chances...
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