Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a Bicycle accident?

Bicyclists in Jacksonville, North Carolina, must be cautious when maneuvering on the streets and sidewalks of the city. Drivers do not always pay attention to the road or obey traffic laws and rights-of-way rules. A collision with an automobile could be deadly for a bicyclist. Contact our local firm after a harmful bike accident in Jacksonville. We’re here to help you and your family fight for justice and compensation.

Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Facts

Bicycle accidents happen more often than you might think. Motorists drive negligently despite the potential risks to others. Here are the bicycle accident statistics for 2015, the most recent year data is available from the North Carolina Department of Transportation:

  • Seven bicycle accidents occurred in the city of Jacksonville.
  • All seven accidents resulted in injuries to the bicyclists.
  • Onslow County reported 11 bicycle crashes and 11 injuries.
  • The state of North Carolina reported 620 bicycle accidents total.
  • Out of all bike accidents in North Carolina, 615 caused injuries and 18 were fatal.

As the data displays, almost all bicycle accidents result in at least one injury to the biker. It is important to seek help if a bicycle accident leaves you with injuries. First, seek medical attention. Then, contact a local attorney for a free consultation.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Don’t try to settle your bicycle accident claim on your own Why? Because the defendant’s insurance company will have significant resources to combat your claim. You might end up making a mistake or compromising the outcome of your claim. Plus, our firm operates on a contingency-fee basis. That means you don’t pay attorney’s fees unless we win. Here’s what our team can do for you:

  1. Comfort and console your family after a serious accident.
  2. Offer personal and professional legal services.
  3. Review your rights for free.
  4. Take care of medical and other bills.
  5. Identify the defendant(s) responsible for your collision.
  6. File a personal injury/wrongful death claim on your behalf.
  7. Meet all applicable deadlines and filing rules.
  8. Negotiate a maximized settlement with the insurer.
  9. Prove your damages to a judge and jury.
  10. Secure a fair settlement or verdict for your family.

Don’t take our word for it – review our case results and client testimonials. We truly care about the lives and futures of every client who comes to us for help. We’ll do everything we can to ensure a positive case outcome after a bicycle accident in Jacksonville.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

As a bicycle accident victim, it’s your responsibility to protect your rights and take legal action against a negligent or at-fault driver. Here’s what to do:

  1. First, call the police at the scene of your collision. You should always call 911 if your accident resulted in injuries. Police can investigate the incident, write an official report, and investigate who or what might have caused the crash.
  2. Request an ambulance if you’re badly injured. Otherwise, take yourself to the doctor as soon as possible after a crash. Common injuries in bicycle accidents include broken bones, contusions, and head and brain injuries.
  3. Go to the hospital. You could have an injury with delayed or hidden symptoms – especially if you have adrenaline from the wreck. Always go to the hospital for a checkup after a bicycle accident.
  4. Gather information about your accident if you can. This includes the name of the driver that struck you, his/her insurance company, and photographs of the accident scene and your injuries.
  5. Finally, call (910) 455-5599 to speak to our legal team at Riddle & Brantley.

Juggling a personal injury, hospital bills, and insurance agent phone calls can be daunting. That’s why one of your first moves should be to contact us. Contact our Jacksonville team today for a free consultation.