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How Can Motorcycle Riders Increase Visibility?

Dan Brian   |  March 17, 2018   |  

Motorcycles are some of the smallest motor vehicles on the road. Many motorcycle accidents occur when motorists fail to see riders in time to avoid a collision. It is extremely important to maximize your visibility if you regularly use a motorcycle. The following six tips may help you increase your visibility while riding:

  1. Wear bright clothing and gear. You could increase your visibility by picking yellow, orange or fluorescent colored helmets, vests, gloves and other gear. In addition, you could also consider using gear that is treated with reflective materials. Motorists may have a more difficult time spotting you if you are wearing dark gear, especially at night.
  2. Choose a brightly colored motorcycle. You could stand out more if your motorcycle is red, yellow or orange. Like with clothing, darker colors can make you less visible to motorists.
  3. Make use of reflective tape. If you are riding at night, reflective tape can be a lifesaver (literally). Reflective tape can bounce light off oncoming vehicles. You can add reflective tape to parts of your motorcycle that protrude from a light source, such as the top of a windscreen. Reflective tape can also be added to your helmet, jacket or gear.
  4. Stay out of blind spots. Never ride in a vehicle’s blind spot. These are areas where motorists cannot see you in their mirrors. Do not assume motorists will check their blind spots before they change lanes.
  5. Use a headlight and brake light modulator. These are pulsating lights that can make you more visible to motorists. However, you should ensure the modulators are in compliance with state and federal laws.
  6. Use LED or xenon lights. High-intensity discharge xenon and LED lights can increase your visibility during the day and at night.

While increasing your visibility can reduce the chances of an accident, it is still important to be ready for anything. Never expect other motorists to do the right thing, such as properly signaling or looking over their shoulders when changing lanes. Assume everyone else is terrible at driving and act accordingly.

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