10 Facts and Statistics About North Carolina Auto Accidents

North Carolina Auto Accident Facts

More than 105,000 people were injured in car accidents in North Carolina in 2020 alone

Each year over 1,000 people are killed on North Carolina roadways. Tragically, most of these auto accidents are preventable, caused by speeding, inattention, impairment, or other causes. If you are involved in a car crash, it is vital to seek medical attention and consult with an experienced attorney about your right to compensation.

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North Carolina Car Accident Statistics

In North Carolina and across the nation, car accidents are an everyday occurrence. What is surprising is the number of collisions that result in serious injury or death. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) issues statewide crash data that details how many reportable crashes, injuries, and deaths there are in a given year.

Crash facts according to the NCDOT show:

Over 100,000 People Are Injured Each Year.

In 2020, there were 105,382 persons injured in North Carolina auto accidents. While the number represents a 15.9% decrease from the previous year, it is still shows that crash-related injuries are common across North Carolina.

Most Crashes Occur During the Day.

Over 70% of all crashes in 2020 occurred between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:59 pm. In addition, more accidents occurred on Fridays, but the largest number of fatal accidents happened on Saturdays.

Speeding Accounted for Over 25% of Fatalities.

Speeding is a major factor in both injury and fatal crashes. The most recent data available from the NCDOT indicates that excess speed contributed to 25.1% of roadway fatalities in 2020.

Pedestrian Deaths Increased Significantly in 2020

Despite fewer cars being on the road during the pandemic, pedestrian deaths increased 7.8% in North Carolina in 2020. 249 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2020, up from 231 the previous year.

Overall Auto Accident Fatalities Increased During the Pandemic

In 2020, it was not only pedestrian fatalities that increased, but the overall auto accident fatalities rose. The total number of traffic-related deaths in North Carolina increased 12.8%, while the number of passengers killed rose 15.6% and the number of drivers killed increased by 12.4%

Early data indicates that the deadly trend continued into 2021. In short, the odds of being involved in a fatal car crash in North Carolina increased significantly over the past two years. 

Lane Departure Was a Factor in Over 50% of Fatal Crashes.

As noted in the North Carolina 2020 Traffic Crash Facts, lane departure was a factor in over 64,700 crashes. It reportedly contributed to 56.2% of all fatalities and 27.5% of all injuries.

Distracted Driving Caused 40,000+ Crashes.

Another leading cause of traffic crashes was distracted driving. Distracted driving accounted for 44,128 crashes, 157 fatalities, and 18,552 injuries. NCDOT reports that roughly 18% of auto accidents in North Carolina involve distracted driving.

There Were 247,214 Reported Crashes.

In 2020, there were 247,214 traffic crashes in North Carolina reported, representing a 13.3% decrease from the previous year.

The Auto Accident Fatality Rate in North Carolina Was 1.57%.

While the total number of crashes decreased in 2020 from 2019, the number of fatal accidents rose. According to the NCDOT, the fatality rate in North Carolina was 1.57%, well above the state’s target fatality rate of 1.15% or less.

Most Accidents Are Preventable.

As we previously noted, most North Carolina car accidents are preventable and caused by driver error, recklessness, or distraction. Both auto accident injury rates and fatalities in North Carolina would decrease substantially if drivers followed traffic laws, including obeying the speed limit and not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

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