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Paragard IUD Lawsuit Lawyer

Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury or death due to a potentially defective or broken Paragard device, or Paragard removal? A Paragard lawsuit lawyer may be able to help.

Several studies have linked Paragard copper IUDs (intrauterine birth control devices) to serious injury and, potentially, death.

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***IMPORTANT: If you’ve been injured due to a potentially defective or broken Paragard IUD during removal, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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Our defective medical device lawyers believe Justice Counts and we would love to seek justice for you and your loved ones if we can.

What is a Paragard IUD?

A Paragard IUD is a brand of intrauterine birth control device manufactured by The Cooper Companies (the Paragard brand was sold to The Cooper Companies by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in 2017).

The Paragard IUD was FDA-approved in 1984 and is designed to provide long-term birth control (also known as contraception). IUDs are a popular alternative to prescription birth control medication. According to Paragard, the copper IUD device is 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.

Paragard IUD devices are made of plastic (forming a T-shape) and are coiled in copper. The copper material is intended to cause an inflammatory reaction in the uterus. This inflammation is toxic to sperm and eggs and can prevent pregnancy.

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Paragard IUD Removal Complications

Paragard IUD Lawsuit Law Firm - Riddle & BrantleyParagard IUDs are marketed as being effective for up to 10 years. However, serious complications and injuries have been reported as a result of the removal of Paragard copper IUDs.

According to Paragard, “surgery may sometimes be needed to remove Paragard,” and these devices can even become “stuck in the uterus.”

In certain cases, Paragard IUDs have been found to be broken or defective upon removal. In some instances, the IUD can break during removal, causing potential complications, as well.

Have you been injured by a broken or defective Paragard IUD? You may be entitled to significant financial compensation and our defective medical device attorneys may be able to help.

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Paragard Copper IUD Injuries

Scientific studies and available data suggest that use and/or removal of Paragard IUDs — which are potentially defective and may be broken — can result in various types of injury and even death.

Potential Paragard IUD injuries include:

  • “Stuck” IUD in uterus
  • Uterine perforation (tearing)
  • IUD migration (unintended movement)
  • Broken Paragard device requiring surgery
  • Copper wire left behind upon removal (potentially causing injury and inflammation)
  • Organ damage
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy complication)
  • Brain injury (see below)

Have you or a loved one experienced any of these serious injuries during or after the removal of a Paragard IUD? Our Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers may be able to help you seek justice and compensation.

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“Do I qualify for a Paragard injury claim?”

You may qualify for a Paragard lawsuit or injury claim if you meet the following criteria:

  • Must have/had Paragard inserted
  • Removal surgery must have occurred or been scheduled
  • Must have had a complication during or after surgery

Qualifying complications during or after Paragard removal surgery include:

  • Fractured or broken IUD device
  • Broken pieces of IUD left embedded in the uterus
  • Severe menstrual pain and/or heavy bleeding
  • Bleeding between periods and/or cramping
  • Need for invasive surgery to remove and/or hysterectomy

Serious Brain Injuries Potentially Due to Paragard Copper IUD

Research including a 2015 study has established a possible connection between use of IUD devices such as the Paragard copper IUD with a serious brain injury known as PTC. PTC, which stands for “pseudotumor cerebri,” occurs when pressure inside the skull increases for no obvious reason. PTC is sometimes called “intracranial hypertension,” as well.

The recent study, which examined Mirena IUD devices (similar to the Paragard IUD), determined that the number of PTC cases in women using these devices was “higher than expected.”

PTC / ICH can potentially result in optic nerve swelling and, potentially, vision loss among other conditions.

Symptoms associated with PTC / ICH may include:

  • Vision loss or blindness
  • Nausea, vomiting and dizziness (vertigo)
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Unexplained flashes of light in field of vision
  • Headaches in varying degrees of intensity

“We are committed to holding medical device manufacturers accountable for alleged negligence.”

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“Do I qualify for a Paragard IUD lawsuit?”

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death potentially associated with the removal of an implanted Paragard copper IUD, you deserve justice and may be entitled to significant compensation.

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If Paragard negligently placed women at risk of injury or death, that’s wrong — and we are determined to help victims seek justice.

Our attorneys have been holding potentially negligent companies accountable for decades. If Paragard’s alleged negligence caused you to be injured, we are ready to help however we can.

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