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Paraquat Overspray Lawsuit

Parkinson’s Disease Risk Due to Paraquat Overspray

Have you or a loved one suffered from Parkinson’s disease? Were you or they previously exposed to the toxic herbicide Paraquat due to agricultural overspray? You may be entitled to compensation and our Paraquat lawyers may be able to help you seek justice for your suffering.

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WARNING: Exposure to Paraquat herbicide due to overspray by applicators may cause Parkinson’s disease. If you’ve suffered Parkinson’s disease after exposure to Paraquat weed killer, please call 1-800-525-7111 for a free case review. You deserve justice and may be entitled to compensation through a Paraquat overspray lawsuit.

What is agricultural “overspray”?

Unlike pesticide “drift,” which is caused by the natural movement of chemical particles through the air, agricultural or pesticide “overspray” occurs when operator error results in application of pesticide or herbicide (such as Paraquat) on unintended areas.

For instance, overspray may occur when the pilot of a “crop duster” plane does not cut off the spraying of Paraquat until too late, when the plane has already dropped the chemical on surrounding areas.

>>For more information on Paraquat “drift,” please visit our Paraquat drift lawsuit page.

“How does Paraquat overspray happen?”

Paraquat — a toxic herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease — may be spread to unintended areas through overspray by applicators. These applicators can take many forms, including:

  • Agricultural aircraft, also known as “crop dusters”
  • Tractors with enclosed cabs equipped to spray herbicide and pesticide

“Who is at risk for Paraquat overspray?”

Anyone located near farms applying Paraquat may be at risk of overspray and exposure to Paraquat. This exposure is extremely dangerous because Paraquat can cause Parkinson’s disease.

Those at increased risk of exposure to Paraquat due to overspray include:

  • Nearby farm workers
  • School children at rural schools located near farms
  • Nearby property owners

School children may be at especially high risk because many rural schools are located near or next to farms where Paraquat and other dangerous herbicides and pesticides may be sprayed.

Overspray can also enter the groundwater and contaminate the drinking water supply of nearby inhabitants, further increasing the risk of Parkinson’s disease due to Paraquat.

States Where Paraquat Was / Is Commonly Used

While Paraquat was used more often in the 20th century, it is still in use today and is still allowed in the United States despite being banned in more than 30 countries. The EPA is currently conducting a thorough review of Paraquat, which is allowed under “Restricted Use,” requiring applicators to be licensed.

States with the highest historical use of Paraquat include:

  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina

Are You Eligible for a Paraquat Lawsuit?

Paraquat Overspray Lawsuit Attorneys - Riddle & BrantleyOur product liability attorneys are actively investigating claims by individuals who suffered Parkinson’s disease after exposure to Paraquat, potentially due to overspray.

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Your well-being and recovery are our priorities, and we will do whatever we can to help you get the justice you deserve.

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