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How Do We Investigate Insurance Coverage?

August 4, 2017   |  
What is Insurance? Insurance is something you buy to protect against uncertain financial loss or harm. Your insurance covers unforeseen occurrences by helping you pay for bills.  It can also protect you when you are injured by someone else’s negligence.  In that case, the at-fault party’s insurance company pays you...
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Will My Car Insurance Rates Go Up If a Wreck Is Not My Fault?

June 14, 2017   |  
There’s never anything simple when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck. However, one of the last things that drivers who are the victims of a car accident expect is that their car insurance rates will go up if they file a not-at-fault claim following the...
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What Happens If I’m in a Rental Car Accident?

November 9, 2016   |  
At the end of October, Stockdale, NC was the site of a rental car accident involving a collision between a van and an SUV that left 17 people injured, according to WRAL-TV. Reportedly, the injury victims included a one month old and a 90-year-old. Two of the injured had to...
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