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Workers Compensation Settlement

$250K   |  Workers' Compensation   |  May 11, 2016

Settlement: $250,000

Attorney: Adam Smith

In May of 2016, our attorneys successfully concluded a settlement of $250,000 in a worker’s compensation claim involving a truck driver who was injured on the job. Adam Smith represented this claimant since 2012 and battled the insurance companies at every turn. Mr. Smith was hired by his client while working at another law firm and the client chose to have Mr. Smith continue his representation when he joined Riddle and Brantley.

Mr. Smith conducted numerous depositions, hearings on the record, telephonic hearings, and pursued and defended written motions. Of note, Mr. Smith successfully achieved a substantial increase in the amount of weekly indemnity payments his client was receiving while he was out of work by demonstrating that similar employees were earning higher wages than his client, who was a new hire on his jobsite. Mr. Smith also successfully defended three Form 24 Motions to Terminate Benefits. We pursued a Motion to Compel Vocational Assistance so our client could attempt to enroll in a community college while out of work. When the insurance company decided to deny a part of our client’s claim because he had a preexisting injury many years before this accident, Mr. Smith took the matter to hearing, deposed our client’s doctors, and won a favorable ruling before a Deputy Commissioner.

After that ruling, the insurance company finally agreed to settle with us. Of note, the insurance company made many overtures to us throughout our representation of this client, at one point offering $150,000. Other lawyers may have jumped at that settlement, or refused to do the hard and expensive work that goes into a hearing. However, Mr. Smith pressed forward, continued to fight, and eventually compelled the insurance company to pay something that put our client back on his feet again financially.

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