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Motorcycle Accidents

Do You Need a Special License to Drive a Motorcycle in North Carolina?

July 21, 2023   |  
You will need to obtain a motorcycle rider's license, endorsement, or learner's permit to legally ride in North Carolina. If you are apprehended while riding without a license, you may be charged with a Class 2 or 3 misdemeanor, exposing you to substantial fines and potential jail time. The North...
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How to Choose The Right Motorcycle Insurance

July 5, 2023   |  
It's important to purchase the right kind of motorcycle insurance. To do that, you need to understand the minimum coverage required by each state, what is covered by that minimum liability coverage, and what is not. In general, it’s wise to purchase as much motorcycle insurance coverage as you can...
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Riddle & Brantley Secures $2.9 Million Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Case

March 1, 2023   |  
[caption id="attachment_1029728" align="alignleft" width="300"] Attorney Darren Dawson took the lead in handling the motorcycle accident case, securing $2.9 million in total compensation for the injured victim.[/caption] Riddle & Brantley attorneys Darren Dawson and Gene Riddle secured $2.9 million in total compensation for the victim of a motorcycle accident (see disclaimer...
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“Can a Motorcyclist Run a Red Light in North Carolina?”

November 4, 2021   |  
You might think that it's always illegal for motorcyclists to run a red light in North Carolina. In fact, this is incorrect. In very rare situations, it's actually legal for a motorcycle rider to drive through a red light in North Carolina. Since 2007, motorcyclists in North Carolina have been...
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Stay Safe: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May 6, 2021   |  
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and at Riddle & Brantley, our North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers are committed to ensuring the safety of motorcyclists and all drivers and passengers on North Carolina's roads. Motorcycle Accidents in North Carolina According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), in 2019,...
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Two Killed in Fayetteville Motorcycle Accident

February 24, 2020   |  
A motorcyclist and passenger were killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday evening in Fayetteville, North Carolina, according to reports from WRAL. The motorcycle accident occurred near the intersection of Bunce Road and St. Louis St. around 5:20 pm. According to police reports, the motorcycle and an SUV were traveling...
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Kick Off the Season With a Motorcycle Check-Up

May 29, 2018   |  
Motorcycle season is officially upon us and the anticipation of that exciting ride has many motorcyclists eager to hop on their bikes. However, if you kept your bike inside your garage all winter, it’s important that you perform a check-up on your motorcycle’s condition to ensure it is safe for...
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Motorcycle Tips: Driving a Motorcycle Safely on Different Surfaces

October 26, 2017   |  
Motorcycles are everywhere.  Many people enjoy the feeling of the open road and riding motorcycles. There are a few things that motorcycle drivers can do to decrease the chance of being involved in accidents.  Just riding a motorcycle increases your chances of being in an accident. Uneven Surfaces Uneven surfaces...
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Are Accidents Handled Differently in North Carolina if they Involve Motorcycles?

February 23, 2016   |  
The same laws apply to automobile collisions, whether they involve a car, an SUV, or a motorcycle, but there are different factors that come into play when motorcycles are involved in an accident. Motorcycle accidents are 26 times more likely to result in a fatality than other kinds of collisions....
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Everything You Need to Know about North Carolina’s Motorcycle Safety Courses

July 24, 2015   |  
Riding a motorcycle is fun, but when accidents happen they can be deadly. According to statistics published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in April 2015, the number of motorcycle fatalities is 26 times higher than the number of automobile traffic deaths. The IIHS also points out that...
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