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Rear-end collisions are common in North Carolina and Durham is no exception. If you have been injured in a rear-end collision in Durham the experienced rear-end car accident lawyers at Riddle & Brantley can help. We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation case review and advise you on your best available legal options.

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Why Contact a Rear-End Accident Attorney in Durham

The personal injury claim process can be very overwhelming. An experienced North Carolina car accident lawyer can expedite the amount of time it takes to reach a rear-end collision settlement and get you the compensation you need to get back to the life you deserve. If a rear-end crash has caused you serious injury and financial loss, below are a few reasons to contact a rear-end accident attorney:

  • Injury — If you have been severely injured in a rear-end accident, please seek medical treatment first. Even if you don’t think you are injured, it’s important to seek medical attention because sometimes injuries show up weeks or months later. An experienced attorney can handle your personal injury case so you can heal and feel better soon.
  • Medical Bills — Medical bills can be expensive after a rear-end collision. Hospital stays, lab tests, prescription drugs, surgical procedures, doctor’s appointments, and physical therapy costs can add up quickly. If you’re in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to worry about medical bills. A Durham rear-end accident attorney can help you recover the money you deserve to pay your mounting medical bills so you can rest and heal from your injuries.
  • Lost Income — After a rear-end accident, you may not be able to work for a while if you were hurt. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can go a long way in helping you recover the compensation you deserve and make up for lost income while you are healing. You and your family should not have to worry about mounting medical bills as well as lost income.
  • Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable — A driver who causes a rear-end collision should be held accountable for his or her mistake.  Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you hold a negligent driver liable.

How Do Rear-End Accidents Happen?

Rear-end accidents occur when the front of one vehicle collides with the rear of the vehicle in front of it.  These accidents can range from minor to deadly, but most frequently cause injuries that can take months are years to fully heal, including whiplash, back injuries, and muscle pain. This may lead to lengthy hospital stays, enormous medical bills and time out of work.  You may be left with injuries and financial problems that are hard to handle alone.

Many times, rear-end accidents happen at stop lights and stop signs when one vehicle slows down or stops, but the following driver fails to brake in time to avoid a car crash. However, there are other causes of rear-end accidents, including:

  • Speeding
  • Following too closely
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while impaired
  • Driving while conditions are not favorable
  • Driving while tired
  • Mechanical failure
  • Reckless driving

Who is Liable in a Rear-End Accident in North Carolina?

In rear-end collisions in North Carolina, it is usually the driver of the vehicle who rear-ended the other car who is at fault. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the driver in the front may be responsible for the accident. For example, if the front driver made a sudden negligent maneuver in front of the back driver, causing an accident.

Determining who is at fault can be tricky. There are several factors that must be considered when determining liability in a rear-end collision.  In some cases, insurance companies may attempt to blame both drivers. It is important that you contact an experienced rear-end accident lawyer.

An important factor to consider in determining fault in a rear-end collision in North Carolina is the principle of contributory negligence.

Contributory Negligence

North Carolina is an “at-fault” state. This means that the person at fault for the auto accident will pay all damages for property and personal injury to the person he or she hit. However, it is important to note that North Carolina has a “pure” contributory negligence rule. Pure contributory negligence prohibits a plaintiff from recovering any damages from the defendant in an accident if the plaintiff’s negligence is found to have contributed to the accident – even if only 1%.

Because of this complicated rule, it’s especially important to hire a knowledgeable rear-end car accident attorney if you’ve been injured in such an accident.

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