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What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is essentially a “taxi”-type service reimagined for the 21st century. Riders connect with a driver, track the ride, and pay via the Lyft or Uber app on their smartphone.

Uber and Lyft are two of the leading and fastest growing companies offering rideshares. Both have user-friendly mobile apps, affordable rates and are extremely convenient. However, Lyft and Uber accidents are unfortunately common.

Issues with Lyft and Uber

Many people find companies like Uber and Lift a convenient and economical way to travel. However, there are problems in ridesharing that can arise and make these vehicles prone to accidents and their passengers more at risk of being injured.

Among others, these include:

  • Lack of training for drivers
  • Relatively light background checks
  • No driver skill tests

Passengers never really know what risks they are taking when riding with a Lyft or Uber driver.

Uber and Lyft drivers are not regulated like taxi companies.  Therefore, these ridesharing companies have been given the classification known as Transportation Network Companies (TNC). However, TNC’s are not strictly regulated, and this lack of regulation makes passengers vulnerable to negligence and reckless behavior. There is a need to improve Uber and Lyft regulations and monitor how they operate.

If you have been hurt in an accident while traveling in a ridesharing car like Uber or Lyft in Goldsboro, North Carolina, you should call an Uber and Lyft accident attorney right away.

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Lyft & Uber Driver Insurance Requirements

Lyft and Uber Insurance Policies in a Car Accident - Riddle & Brantley

Uber has a comprehensive insurance policy in North Carolina

for $1,500,000 in coverage, and drivers are required to carry their own insurance policy.

The rideshare driver’s insurance coverage must meet the Uber or Lyft’s insurance standards. Our firm recently contacted Uber and Lyft and determined that rideshare drivers are required to maintain coverage that meets the required policy limits in their state.

Alarmingly, there is no way to check to see if the driver has this insurance — and they may have even allowed their policy to lapse after verifying it with Lyft or Uber. Further, even though Uber or Lyft have their own insurance coverage, there is never a guarantee that the insurance company will pay. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with. Insurance companies often blame others and search for reasons to deny a claim.

This is another reason it is important to contact an experienced Uber and Lyft accident lawyer.

Why Riddle & Brantley?

The experienced Goldsboro car accident attorneys at Riddle & Brantley have been helping the people of North Carolina for almost four decades, and we’ve recovered over $700 million in compensation for victims since 2000 alone (see disclaimer below).

Our Results

In one recent case, our attorneys secured $339,500 for our client, who was seriously injured in a T-bone accident while riding in an Uber car. In another case that occurred in Goldsboro, NC, we represented the family of a moped rider who was hit and killed at night at a stop light. The at-fault driver was an Uber driver and had just dropped off a passenger. Initial reports indicated our client was at fault and the insurance carrier denied our claim, but we obtained video footage of the intersection from an adjacent business and proved that the Uber driver ran the red light. We were able to settle for the limits of coverage on the Uber vehicle and persuade law enforcement to charge the Uber driver.

"I would recommend them to anyone. They fought hard for me."

-Christine W., Riddle & Brantley client

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