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At Riddle & Brantley, our personal injury attorneys have seen the debilitating injuries that dangerous products and product defects can inflict. Dangerous products and defects can affect almost anything you buy including medications, automobiles, food, cosmetics, and even children’s toys. In fact, from 2016-2018 the FDA recorded over 1,000 recalls in the U.S. Unfortunately, many of the defects and inherent dangers in the products could have been avoided if the manufactures had not cut corners and adhered to product guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, even after a recall, it often takes companies years to take dangerous products off the market. If you or a loved one incurred an injury or illness stemming from a defective product, you might be entitled to compensation. It is important to remember that North Carolina gives you 3 years from the date of your injury to file a product liability claim (in some cases there are exceptions to this limitation), so it is crucial that you contact a lawyer before it is too late to file.

The Kinston product liability attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws regulating product liability and are committed to holding manufacturers responsible for placing defective products on the market. To find out how Riddle & Brantley can assist you in your claim, contact our office at (252) 397-8624 or fill out a free case review online. During your consultation, one of our product liability lawyers will sit down with you and discuss your legal options.

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Why Should You Hire Riddle & Brantley?

Under the North Carolina General Statutes, based on the rules of product liability, an injured consumer can pursue financial compensation from manufacturers, sellers and distributors of any product that has a design flaw, manufacturing defect, marketing error, or breach of warranty. Additionally, a manufacturer is legally obligated to ensure products are safe before being placed in the market. Regardless of the manufacturer’s negligence, any defective or dangerous product that hits the market could result in a lawsuit if the consumer is injured. Our product liability attorneys are well-versed in both North Carolina and Federal product liability laws. We can help clarify the necessary elements to meet a product liability claim and help you adhere to the applicable statute of limitations for filing a product liability claim.

One of the most challenging aspects of filing a product liability case is proving that the defective or dangerous product was the proximate cause of the injury or illness. The word “proximate” means the legal or real cause of the injury.  Often it can be difficult to determine if a product defect was the proximate cause or just contributed to the injury. However, our Kinston product liability attorneys have the experience and resources to investigate your claim. We will work with investigators, medical providers, and industry experts to help us determine if the defect was the real cause of the injury. In addition, if applicable, we can help file product liability claims against the manufacturer, marketer and other third parties.

Riddle & Brantley has helped many clients throughout North Carolina obtain recovery from defective products. Our Kinston attorney, Molly Schertzinger, has even handled a food poisoning case in Beaufort, N.C. After eating BBQ chicken at a local restaurant, our client contracted salmonella and as a result, went to the ER. In addition, she had to visit her primary care physician multiple times. We were able to recover $70,000 settlement, which was more than enough to cover the medical expenses.

Types of Product Liability Claims We Handle

  • Dangerous drugs
  • Defective medical devices and equipment
  • Defective auto parts
  • Dangerous consumer products
  • Contaminated Food

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For over 30 years, Riddle & Brantley has fought to ensure that injured individuals obtain the justice they deserve. If you need assistance with your product liability claim, contact our Kinston lawyers today at (252) 397-8624 or by completing the free, no-obligation case evaluation form. Our representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding your injuries. In addition, our attorneys serve several areas within the region including Snow Hill, Greenville, Beaufort, Elizabeth City, New Bern, Moorhead City, and La Grange, and can even come to you in the event you're unable to come to us. Don't wait --- get the justice you deserve today.