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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident?

If you were the seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina, contact the compassionate motorcycle accident attorneys at Riddle & Brantley. We see the person behind the personal injury. It’s our mission to help motorcycle accident victims recover the damages we believe they are due. To find out more about your individual accident, contact us to request a free consultation.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

Riddle & Brantley, has 160 years of combined experience representing motorcycle accident victims throughout North Carolina. We have the skill, resources, and familiarity with the local justice system you need for a successful case. Clients choose our law firm for many reasons, including:

  • We’ve secured millions of dollars for clients in settlements and verdicts.
  • We pay personal and professional attention to each client.
  • We’re committed to justice and dedicated to client success.
  • We value our clients and are passionate about their cases.
  • We care about the community and are heavily involved in local events.
  • We offer award-winning attorneys in the Jacksonville area.
  • We know the law and court systems regarding motorcycle accidents.

Our team is truly your one-stop-shop for all things personal injury law. After a motorcycle accident in North Carolina that leaves you with injuries or kills a loved one, contact us before you do anything else. We can direct your case from start to finish, standing by your side every step of the way. Gene A. Riddle and his motorcycle accident attorneys are here for you.

What Elements Can Affect My Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

A number of factors can affect your motorcycle accident lawsuit. Some of these factors may affect whether you receive a settlement at all, while others may affect your settlement amount.

1. The Value of Your Case

A case’s value is often little more than a guess at what a jury may award you. There are several details that determine the value of your case, but the most important are the severity of your injuries and other damages as well as how likely the courts will find a defendant liable.

2. Bias Against Motorcycle Riders

A judge or jury may hold a bias against motorcycles, fair or not. Some drivers have had negative experiences with reckless motorcycle riders in traffic, and may carry these feelings over to the case they are deciding. If jury members have decided they dislike motorcyclists, they will need to see a concrete, solid case to award damages to you.

Juries tend to award lower average damages to motorcycle riders as compared to vehicle drivers. Insurance companies are aware of this bias and may lower their settlement offer as a result. In this case, it is important motorcycle riders accurately document the details of the accident as well as any injuries.

3. Evidence Against the Defendant

If you do not have ample evidence against the defendant, you risk the jury determining that there is not enough evidence to assign liability for the incident. This is of particular concern in motorcycle accidents, where the jury may already be suspicious of the responsibility of the motorcycle driver.

Even after the court determines liability, questionable evidence against the defendant can result in a lower settlement for the motorcycle rider. The lack of a concrete case with significant evidence increases the likelihood that your insurance company may suggest you accept a lower settlement instead of risking receiving no settlement at all.

4. The Extent of Your Liability

If you contributed to either the accident or your injuries in some way, such as neglecting to wear a helmet or making an improper turn, the jury may determine that you have contributory negligence. If you contributed to the accident, you may still be able to receive a settlement. Although diminished, if a jury determines you are less than 50% responsible for the accident or your injuries, you could still receive a partial settlement from the defendant’s insurance company.

5. The Extent of Your Losses

Any settlement offered should cover the dollar amount of your medical bills. However, the extent of your other losses is much more subjective. For instance, pain and suffering are not as easily determined.

In addition, your own individual losses depend somewhat on your lifestyle. Damages relating to loss of income will depend on your current income, while those relating to reduced quality of life will depend on our current quality of life. If you were formerly very active, for example, loss of these activities is likely detrimental to your quality of life.

Losses as a result of property damage will determine the valuation of your motorcycle according to an insurance adjuster. The adjuster will consider previous damage, and you may need to provide proof of the previous condition of your motorcycle to receive accurate compensation for your property damage. In addition, it is important to accurately document the events of the accident to ensure the courts do not consider you at fault for some of the damages to your motorcycle.

6. The Amount of Insurance Involved

Even if a jury finds your losses substantial, it may prove difficult to collect damages above and beyond the defendant’s insurance limits. Defendants may find themselves unable to pay damages that exceed their insurance limits if they have relatively few assets.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Onslow County reported 128 motorcycle accidents. Five of these accidents were fatal and 109 caused non-fatal injuries. We support Jacksonville’s local motorcyclists and recognize that most of their accidents stem not from their own recklessness, but from the negligence of others on the road. Drivers cause many motorcycle accidents through the following acts of negligence:

  • Failing to pay attention to the road
  • Texting and driving
  • Speeding
  • Making unsafe turns or lane changes
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Misjudging the motorcycle’s speed or distance
  • Drunk driving
  • Drowsy driving

Dangerous roadways with defects such as potholes can also cause motorcycle accidents. In these cases, the city of Jacksonville could be liable for negligent roadway maintenance. If a defective motorcycle part, such as bad brakes, contributes to a wreck, the manufacturer could be liable. A consult with one of our motorcycle attorneys can help you identify the cause of your recent crash.

If you are a motorcycle rider and want to stay in the know about North Carolina motorcycle laws and privileges, visit NCDOT to learn more.

How Can Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You?

Victims often face emotional and financial repercussions in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Moreover, they may experience an unfair bias with insurance companies and in the courtroom. However, we empower victims by listening to their stories and answering their questions. We know how to build a solid claim, advocate for our clients’ rights, and work to move the case forward.

Here’s how we can help you:

Preserve and Present Evidence

We ensure that all evidence is properly documented and presented to combat potential bias against motorcyclists. We also work hard so that all parties in the settlement negotiations or the courtroom accurately understand how the accident happened. This includes gathering statements from witnesses as well as photographs or videos taken at the scene. This evidence can go a long way to prove fault and pursue a fair settlement.

Filing and Gathering Important Documents on a Timely Basis

A motorcycle crash will inevitably involve a great deal of paperwork. This can include insurance forms, medical records, police reports, and many other documents that may be part of a claim. We will inform you of what we need, then work to acquire them, and ensure they are filed on a timely basis. We strive to minimize stress and make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are never eager to pay out to accident victims. However, with a dedicated and skilled attorney as your ally, you stand a better chance of success. We can assess the details of your accident and calculate the damages you are entitled to recover. In addition, because we understand the value of your claim, we can advise you when to reject lowball offers and negotiate for a settlement that will cover your losses.

Navigate Legal Complexities

Filing a claim for damages after an accident is complex. However, we are thoroughly knowledgeable in relevant state and federal laws. When settlement negotiations fail because the defendant won’t agree to a reasonable offer for your damages, we will take the case to court. Our role is even more critical since court cases require extensive research into legal precedent and other case law.

Our skilled team of motorcycle accident lawyers will be able to navigate these complexities and fight for your rights.

We’re Your Strongest Advocate

Having an experienced motorcycle attorney by your side is essential when recovering from an accident-related injury or trauma. Trust us to pursue all potential sources of compensation because we believe Justice Counts for motorcycle accident injury victims, and we’re prepared to be your strongest ally.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

You don’t have to be in the dark about your motorcycle accident claim any longer. Our firm has the attorneys and resources you need to get to the bottom of your accident claim. We’ll help you identify the responsible party, file your claim within the state’s deadline, and fight for fair compensation in or out of the courtroom.

During your no-cost case evaluation at our local Jacksonville office, or over the phone, or at a place you are comfortable, we’ll listen to your story and let you know if we believe your case has merit. If so, we can be your legal representation during insurance settlement negotiations or a civil case. We’ll fight for justice and maximum results for your lawsuit.

You have three years from the date of your crash to file a personal injury claim. Don’t wait for your statute of limitations to pass. Contact us as soon as you can to give your case the prompt legal attention it deserves. Fast action could make all the difference to the outcome of your claim. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are ready and waiting for your phone call. Contact our personal injury attorneys today to request a consultation.

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