Personal Injury Settlements

December 2, 2015 | By Riddle & Brantley Accident Injury Lawyers
Personal Injury Settlements

How Much Is My Personal Injury Settlement Worth?

The point of a personal injury claim is to make you financially whole after an accident or injury, as much as that is possible. Unfortunately, making you financially whole after an accident is not the top priority for insurance companies. Their ultimate objective is to settle your claim as quickly as possible for as little money as possible. They will do everything to avoid a long trial, because a trial is one of the most expensive options. In some cases, you might want to avoid a trial as well; if the court disagrees with your claim, then you may receive a lower amount of compensation. Accepting a personal injury settlement does not always mean you are settling for less than you deserve—unless you accept the first number they offer you. Usually, you and your attorney must negotiate with the insurance company until you have a reasonable offer.

Working with a qualified attorney is among the best ways to maximize your settlement in any injury case. Get in touch with the North Carolina personal injury lawyers at Riddle & Brantley as soon as possible after your accident to find out how we can help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve. Our law firm is committed to providing compassionate, caring service, and we have a work ethic that you can trust. Once we accept your case, we act aggressively on your behalf until we resolve your claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh at Riddle & Brantley, today for a free claim review and information about your legal options.

What Affects the Amount of My Personal Injury Settlement?

There is no easy way to determine how much your personal injury claim will be worth. Every case is different and will have a unique outcome. Still, in most cases, the amount of a personal injury settlement depends on the economic impacts of the accident or injury. Important factors that may affect the amount of your settlement include:

  • Severity of the injuries suffered
  • Cost of medical treatment
  • Permanent impairments that result from your injuries
  • Lost wages, past and future, due to your injuries
  • Emotional distress or psychological conditions that result from your injuries
  • Amount of evidence supporting your claim
  • Limits of the at-fault party’s insurance policy
  • Whether you contributed to your injuries

Documenting and supporting the losses you suffer is often key to determining the amount of compensation you can recover.

Getting the Most Out of Your North Carolina Personal Injury Settlement

A qualified team of personal injury lawyers can help you make the most of your settlement. An attorney can support your case with:

Thorough Investigation

Your right to compensation hinges on establishing fault on the part of some other party. Our lawyers work with an experienced team of investigators to uncover all the details about an accident through an independent investigation. At Riddle & Brantley, we have retired law enforcement officers, like retired State Troopers, to help investigate the accident and preserve evidence from the investigating officers and witnesses. The police may also investigate an accident, but the police report is not always the final word on liability. The courts – not the police – determine who is ultimately liable for accidents. Therefore, we work to find proof to support your claim by quickly and thoroughly investigating the accident.

Credible and Professional Medical Reports

It is crucial to seek appropriate medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. In many cases, full treatment requires medical specialists, rehabilitation facilities, occupational therapists and other medical experts. All treatments related to your accident injuries should be detailed and supported by sound medical opinions since the insurance company will only pay for “reasonable and necessary expenses.” An experienced personal injury attorney can help make sure that you receive and document the appropriate medical care necessary for the best physical and psychological recovery possible.

Strong Evidence

Important evidence may include eyewitness testimony, physical evidence (such as your wrecked car), photographs, accident reconstruction and more. An attorney can secure such evidence and present it in a persuasive manner during settlement negotiations or at trial. Evidence can disappear soon after an accident, so we strongly encourage our clients to call us as soon as possible so we can begin working on your case and preserving vital evidence.

Economic Impact

When an accident victim suffers disabling injuries, a significant impact may be the temporary or permanent loss of employment. Recovering from severe personal injuries often requires time, which can result in lengthy work absences and therefore a large amount of lost wages. When injuries cause lasting impairments, an accident victim may face a lifetime of lost or reduced earning capacity. To secure a settlement that takes full account of the accident’s financial impact in these cases, it is often necessary to work with experienced economic and life-care planners. The personal injury attorneys at our law firm have experience working with these economic experts who calculate the future lost wages and costs of medical care in an effort to determine a fair settlement.

Solid Understanding and Application of the Law

There is more to a personal injury case than just the facts. The other critical factor is how the laws of North Carolina apply to the facts of the case. To maximize your recovery in a personal injury settlement, it is imperative to get legal assistance from attorneys who have significant experience and a deep understanding of the nuances of the state’s personal injury laws – and the advocacy skills to stand up for your rights under the law.

Questions About Your Personal Injury Settlement? Call Us Today

At Riddle & Brantley, our personal injury lawyers share a commitment to our clients. If you would like to avoid the courtroom, then we will do whatever we can to honor your wishes. However, if a trial is necessary to maximize your compensation, then we are fully prepared to advocate for you in the courtroom. We will do whatever it takes to fight for a fair personal injury settlement in your case.

We always offer free initial consultations. If your injuries prevent you from coming to one of our offices in Raleigh, Jacksonville, Kinston or Goldsboro, then our attorneys or representatives will visit you in the hospital, at home or wherever is most convenient for you. We also offer flexible appointment times for your convenience.

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