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AFFF Cancer: Do You Qualify for a Lawsuit?

Riddle Brantley LLP   |  July 16, 2020   |  

Have you been exposed to AFFF and diagnosed with cancer? You may have an AFFF cancer claim and be entitled to compensation.

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AFFF Cancer: What You Need to Know

AFFF Cancer Risk to Firefighters and Airport Workers - Riddle & BrantleyAFFF (aqueous film forming foam), otherwise known as “firefighting foam” is used by firefighters to put out high-temperature fires. AFFF is a very effective fire suppressant, and works by smothering fire and denying it oxygen. AFFF firefighting foam is often used to combat jet fuel and petroleum-based fires. However, AFFF contains PFAS “forever” chemicals, which are known to cause cancer. Firefighters, airport personnel, and nearby property owners may be at risk for AFFF cancer.

AFFF has been used to fight fires at airports for decades. Civilian airports required firefighters to use AFFF until 2018 when the guidelines were withdrawn due to potential AFFF cancer risk.

Scientific organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been warning of potential AFFF cancer risk for years. PFAS-containing AFFF has been linked to several types of cancer, including:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
  • Other lymphomas
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Bladder cancer

AFFF has also been linked to kidney damage.

If you’ve been exposed to firefighting foam and been diagnosed with one of the cancers above, you may be eligible for an AFFF cancer lawsuit. Call 1-800-525-7111 today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Our firefighting foam cancer lawyers will evaluate your claim, advise you on your best legal options, and if you decide to hire us, we will fight tirelessly for your right to justice and compensation for AFFF cancer suffered as a result of exposure to this dangerous chemical compound.

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Scientific Evidence Supporting AFFF Cancer Risk

The PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals contained in AFFF firefighting foam have been classified by the EPA as “emerging contaminants,” meaning they are likely dangerous to human health.

Numerous studies have documented potential AFFF cancer risk, and recent studies revealed that levels of PFAS chemicals were significantly elevated in firefighters’ blood. A 2015 study by researchers at the University of Queensland found “nine fluorinate compounds, either exclusively or at a significantly higher level in firefighters’ blood.”

Another study found that levels of PFAS were “three times higher” in the blood of southern California firefighters than that of the general population.

Have you been diagnosed with cancer after exposure to AFFF?

Firefighters, airport personnel and nearby property owners are at increased risk of developing AFFF-caused cancer. If you believe exposure to AFFF “firefighting foam” caused your cancer, please call 1-800-525-7111 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

Those whose cancer was potentially caused by AFFF deserve justice and we would love to help however we can.

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“If you’ve suffered from cancer due to AFFF exposure, you deserve justice.”

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