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Millions Awarded for PFAS Cleanup in Pittsboro, NC

March 6, 2023   |  
Amidst an ongoing battle over PFAS contamination, the town of Pittsboro, North Carolina, will receive nearly $18 million to build two new drinking water treatment projects. Experts have found high levels of PFAS in Pittsboro’s drinking water supply. In early February 2023, the town sued multiple chemical companies, alleging they...
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What’s New in 2022 for Personal Injury Law?

January 19, 2022   |  
New Year, New Laws, and New Trends in Personal Injury Cases As we ring in the new year, it’s important to be aware of legal and societal changes that may affect you and your loved ones. There are several local, state, and federal laws that will affect civil litigation in...
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JUUL to Pay $40 Million to Settle North Carolina Lawsuit

June 29, 2021   |  
JUUL will pay $40 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the State of North Carolina, alleging that the company deliberately marketed its popular e-cigarettes to minors. The JUUL lawsuit was filed in 2019 by the North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein. IMPORTANT: This settlement covers the lawsuit filed by...
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Are Parents Liable for Car Accidents Caused by Their Children?

August 24, 2020   |  
Parental Liability in Car Accidents Caused by Minors As North Carolina car accident lawyers, we often get the question, “Are parents liable for car accidents caused by their children?” It’s a very important question as the consequences of an auto accident can be severe, particularly when accidents result in injury....
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“Do I Have to Report a Car Accident in North Carolina?”

August 19, 2020   |  
Do You Have to Report a Car Accident? In North Carolina, the answer is it depends. If the accident does not cause any bodily injury or significant property damage, then North Carolina Law does not require you to report the accident. However, the law does mandate that if there is...
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Unemployment Benefits for COVID-19 in North Carolina

March 19, 2020   |  
PLEASE BE AWARE: Riddle & Brantley does NOT handle employment law matters. We are providing this information to help North Carolinians understand new unemployment requirements specific to COVID-19, however we cannot assist with employment matters except for workers' compensation for workplace injuries. These resources are only provided as a helpful guide....
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Ask An Attorney: How Will Coronavirus Affect My Legal Matter?

March 16, 2020   |  
In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in North Carolina, many North Carolinians have urgent questions concerning ongoing legal matters or potential cases. Riddle & Brantley is here to help. We have implemented policies and procedures to protect our clients. Your safety is our #1 priority and we are striving...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) in North Carolina

March 13, 2020   |  
The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to ripple through American society and the economy. A report from the Associated Press paints a bleak picture of lost jobs, school closings, and dwindling retirement accounts as the stock market grapples with increasing uncertainty. Public health experts caution that with limited testing,...
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No Means No: North Carolina Updates Sexual Assault Law

December 12, 2019   |  
North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recently signed legislation that reforms North Carolina’s sexual assault laws, extends the statute of limitations for civil suits against perpetrators of child abuse, and includes other safety protection measures for children. The new legislation will allow North Carolina prosecutors to charge and possibly convict people...
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Penalties Strengthened for NC “Move Over” Law

December 12, 2019   |  
North Carolina drivers will face tougher penalties for violating the North Carolina “move over” law. The so-called Move Over law protects North Carolina State Troopers as well as other law enforcement officers and emergency and utility workers stopped along the side of highways. The law requires motorists to slow down...
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