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Auto Accident

$1M   |  Auto Accident   |  August 3, 2017

Settlement: $1,000,000

Attorneys: Gene Riddle and Adam Smith

We represented a seriously injured party in an auto collision that occurred in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Unfortunately, she had no health insurance coverage. We assisted her in applying for Medicaid and helped coordinate her care with the necessary medical providers while that claim was pending on a lien basis, with an offer to pay the medical providers from any eventual recovery.

We learned that the at-fault driver was operating a vehicle owned and insured through his employer. The employer’s insurance policy had limits of $1,000,000. Because of the extent of the injuries, it was apparent that our client would be treated for months or even years after the accident, and she would have no source of income in the meantime. We informed the carrier that if they were in a position to discuss settlement immediately, we could do so, but if they were not, we would have to file suit because our client was not in a position to await the conclusion of her treatment. We were therefore able to leverage a settlement offer of the coverage even as our client and the other injured party were still treating.

Then, we secured reduction agreements with our client’s medical providers, including a 75% reduction for a very large emergency room bill. We also concluded a future Medicare Set Aside fund in order to protect our client’s eligibility for Medicaid and Medicare coverage for her future. This allowed us to finalize this significant settlement of a very complex case.

For more than 35 years, the North Carolina car accident lawyers at Riddle & Brantley have successfully represented the great people of North Carolina.

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