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Burns are painful and often permanently disfiguring injuries that can arise in a variety of personal injury accidents. Anything that brings the vulnerable skin in contact with elements that can damage or destroy the tissues can cause a burn injury. Our law firm has years of experience helping burn survivors and victims’ family members throughout North Carolina. We aren’t afraid to fight against major insurance companies in pursuit of fair compensation. Find out how we can help you during a free consultation with our Raleigh injury lawyers.

Burn Injury Types and Degrees

Burn injuries come in four main types: thermal, chemical, electrical, and radiation. Thermal burns are the most common, and stem from contact with a hot or scalding object. Chemical burns can arise when an acid or base substance touches the skin or gets ingested. Electrical burns happen when electrical current passes through the victim’s body, such as from touching a live wire or from a bolt of lightning. Radiation burns can come from ultraviolet lights, such as that in x-rays or from the sun. Burns can have three different degrees depending on their severity:

  1. First degree. A first-degree burn is the most minor. It doesn’t cause any blistering or scarring and will not require medical attention unless it covers a significant portion of the body. First-degree burns affect the uppermost layer of skin tissues, or the epidermis.
  2. Second-degree. A second-degree burn affects the epidermis and the lawyer below, or the dermis. It can cause blistering, swelling, redness, and pain. Medical care is wise for second-degree burns to prevent infection.
  3. Third-degree. A third-degree burn is the most serious. It can char or kill the skin and cause pain or numbness from damaged nerves. Third-degree burns require immediate medical attention and often cause permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Treatments for the most severe burn injuries can include surgeries, skin grafts, or the use of synthetic skin. Burn accident survivors may also face complications such as infections or necessary amputations.  The worse burn injuries can impact a victim for life. If you have suffered such an injury, retain an attorney to represent your case. Otherwise, you could risk an insurance company taking advantage of you and offering less than your claim is worth.

How Might Burn Injuries Happen?

In our years of personal injury practice, we’ve helped burn victims after a variety of accident types in North Carolina. We’ve seen burns arise from many different circumstances, from defective children’s toys catching fire to electrical shocks at work because of from a negligent employer. The most common accidents that cause burn injuries include:

Someone else’s negligence is often at the center of burn injury accidents, especially with children. You may have the right to file a claim against a driver, employer, product manufacturer, property owner, and/or another party after a burn injury depending on the factors involved in your case. Many personal injury claims involve the combined negligence of more than one party.

Why You Need an Attorney - Why You Need Riddle & Brantley

In North Carolina, the courts will bar you from financial recovery if they find you even 1% at fault for your burn injuries. It’s crucial to hire an attorney to help you combat the defense of contributory negligence. Our lawyers have what it takes to foresee this defense and build a strong strategy in your favor. Trust us with your burn injury claim and get legal representation you can trust. Contact us online for your free burn injury case evaluation from one of our experienced Raleigh personal injury attorneys.