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The North Carolina General Statutes § 99B give injured consumers the right to pursue financial recovery from manufacturers, sellers, and distributors based on the rules of product liability. If an item is unreasonably dangerous or defective, resulting in consumer injuries, the manufacturer will be liable for the victim’s damages. Learn your rights and recovery options after an incident involving a defective product. Contact the Raleigh injury lawyers at Riddle & Brantley for a free consultation.

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North Carolina Product Liability Laws

It is a product manufacturer’s legal obligation to make sure its items are safe for consumers before they hit the market. Any item that makes it into a consumer’s hands with a design flaw, manufacturing defect, marketing error, or breach of warranty could end up creating a lawsuit if it injures the consumer. It does not matter whether the manufacturer was negligent in causing the damages or not. The laws of strict product liability hold the manufacturer liable regardless.

If you cannot prove that the item contained one of the above-mentioned defects, you might be able to base your claim on the legal concept of negligence. The courts might award you compensation if you can prove that the defendant was negligent or careless in some way that caused your product-related injuries. For example, if a drug manufacturer knew of a potential serious side effect yet failed to disclose it to the public to maintain profitability, this is an act of negligence that could result in liability for consumers’ damages.

A consultation with one of our experienced product liability attorneys could clarify the details and elements of your particular claim. We can help you understand state and federal product laws, as well as your burden of proof depending on the situation. We can also make sure you file your claim within the state’s statute of limitations. In North Carolina, you have three years from the date of the injury or discovery of your injury or illness to file a product liability claim. The sooner you contact us, the better for your case.

Types of Product Liability Cases We Handle

Riddle & Brantley has helped numerous clients recover significant compensation awards for dangerous and defective consumer products throughout North Carolina. In our years of experience, we’ve accepted and won cases involving the following types of defective products:

  • Dangerous drugs. Join a class action from Raleigh regarding a popular dangerous or defective drug such as Zantac, Elmiron, Metformin, or Belviq. Contact us to find out if your side effects or illness could stem from a defective prescription medication.
  • Defective medical equipment. Medical devices and equipment such as Hernia Mesh,IVC filters, hip implants, surgical robots, and transvaginal mesh have had proven defects that make them unreasonably dangerous for consumers. Injured patients have the right to file for damages against the item’s manufacturers.
  • Defective auto parts. Defective car parts are common reasons for product liability lawsuits in Raleigh. Our lawyers have experience handling cases involving recalled GM and Nissan vehicles, defective Takata airbags, and other dangerous auto parts such as brakes, tires, and seatbelts.
  • Dangerous consumer products. We can take on any manufacturer for defective and dangerous consumer items, including children’s toys, appliances, food and beverages, electronics, and more. We have experience with talcum powder lawsuits and Roundup Weed Killer class actions.

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No matter what type of product caused you or a loved one’s injury or illness, contact our Raleigh office for a free, no-obligation discussion with one of our Raleigh personal injury lawyers. You could have grounds for a product liability claim against a manufacturer and/or distributor for failing to ensure a safe product.